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- Integration of tools allows consultants to focus more on core recruitment competencies, whilst CV loading is automated and invoice search facility is improved -

Vadarmoss, an executive search firm specialising in the recruitment of Senior Management through to Board level personnel across the Management, Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Account Management and HR disciplines, has automated its recruitment processes and enhanced its invoice management via the integration of Bond Adapt – the specialist portfolio of recruitment software applications from Bond International Software – and Drag&Tag, a suite of efficiency and knowledge add ins for the browser and Office.

The integration has allowed Vadarmoss’ consultants to dedicate more time to core recruitment competencies, such as sourcing and interviewing candidates. The integration has also sped up Vadarmoss’ credit control processes, as the search facilities built into Drag&Tag has allowed Vadarmoss to locate and process individual invoices far faster than was previously possible.

Prior to the integration of Bond Adapt and Drag&Tag, once candidates had been sourced, it was the responsibility of Gary Williams, Vadarmoss’ Operations Director, to manually load their CVs on to the recruitment system which was a largely time consuming task. He explains, “Typically, our consultants prefer to concentrate on their core activities i.e. sourcing candidates and assessing CVs and searching across various online platforms for more information on those individuals. So as to build more efficiencies into how this information is uploaded, stored, found and then recorded, it was my responsibility to provide a method of loading candidates’ CVs and any other information sourced by the consultants into the central database. The added efficiency was needed because prior to consulting Bond and implementing Drag&Tag, the process of uploading CVs alone was taking ages. Considering we upload a significant number of files per month, this represents a serious black hole of time spent.”

Williams continues, “Integrating Bond Adapt with Drag&Tag has automated the process of getting candidates loaded on to the system. Drag&Tag is a great tool for the consultants to use themselves.  Any information that they have identified to be relevant to a candidate, client, job, competitor or anything else can be easily tagged and shared with other consultants within the firm, thus saving further time and improving communication across the business. We can now upload more CVs and add a greater depth of candidate information faster than was previously possible, allowing our consultants to continually build and update the talent pool, which currently holds around 20,000 candidates.”

Williams is also using the search capabilities within Drag&Tag to enhance the business’ credit control processes. He continues, “I can quickly and easily locate client invoices  using the search functions built into Drag&Tag. It is imperative that all of the details included in the invoice files are easily accessible and quick to locate. Drag&Tag enables me to do exactly this.”

Williams concludes, “I have been really impressed with what has so far been achieved through the integration of Bond Adapt and Drag&Tag. Moving forward, we are looking to update our Bond Adapt recruitment software to the latest version and continue to integrate Drag&Tag further into our business processes. Our employees are now spending a great deal of time on the move – either working from home, or meeting with clients on-site – and it is therefore crucial that they are able to continue with their day-to-day activities when moving between business engagements. The latest version of Bond Adapt is an internet-based application, thus enabling our consultants the greater level of flexibility required.”


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