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APSCo welcomes Conduct Regulations Consultation

APSCo welcomes Conduct Regulations Consultation

APSCo has welcomed Edward Davey’s confirmation of a Government Consultation on the Conduct Regulations for employment agencies. The announcement follows APSCo’s long campaign of lobbying on the issue, culminating in a private meeting with Ed Davey last week where APSCo told the minister about the impact of the regulations.

APSCo believes that the Conduct Regulations, introduced in 2003 to regulate the conduct of staffing companies, place disproportionate burdens on professional recruiters.

APSCo Chief Executive Ann Swain said:

“Edward Davey told us he recognises the differences between the professional contractor market and vulnerable temporary workers. That’s a crucial change in attitude that has led to this announcement.

“APSCo has been lobbying for the Conduct Regulations to be made more proportionate since they were introduced. We talked to Ed Davey about this only last week and we’re pleased to see our campaign bear fruit, it’s a great result for our members.

“APSCo members work hard to remain compliant, but some of the regulations simply don’t reflect commercial realities in the professional sector. We’ll have to look at the details of the proposals, but better regulation means that APSCo members can contribute to growth by facilitating a flexible professional labour market.”

Edward Davey also told APSCo he wants the recruitment industry’s help to put a stop to burdensome regulations from Brussels.

APSCo Head of External Affairs, Samantha Hurley said:

“The Conduct Regulations announcement is helpful, but the battle isn’t over yet. The Minister asked for the recruitment industry’s support to prevent unhelpful European regulations reaching the statute books. APSCo is well placed to work with international partners and educate Europe about the UK’s flexible professional labour market.”


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