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British graduates unemployable in comparison to overseas counterparts

British graduates unemployable in comparison to overseas counterparts

Most British graduates are unemployable in comparison to their overseas counterparts, with Chinese, Indian and Polish students leading the way in the jobs market, a leading recruitment firm said today.

Tony Goodwin, head of Antal Global Recruitment which has offices in more than 30 countries, said British university leavers had very little “get up and go” and were no longer in pole position in the international jobs market.

Indeed, Mr Goodwin said Britain wouldn’t even make the top ten when it came to a list of the most employable graduates.

He cited laziness, arrogance, poor vocational skills and degrees in irrelevant courses as just some of the reasons why they lag behind.

He explained: “We work in countries all across the world and are constantly reminded of the efforts many job-seekers will go to in order to get a job. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same for British graduates.

“Our vast experience of the industry shows that if you want lazy, uninspired graduates then Britain is the place to go.”

By comparison, the Chinese, Indian and Polish were streets ahead.

“Graduates in these countries don’t have a self-inflated air of importance, they just want to knuckle down and get on with it,” Mr Goodwin continued.

“Their studies are relevant, they work hard in their holidays to achieve relevant vocational skills and they are constantly improving themselves.”

Mr Goodwin’s top ten of most employable reads as follows:

1. Chinese

2. Indian

3. Polish

4. Romanian

5. Russian

6. Brazilian.

7. S. African

8. Nigerian/Ghanian

9. Spanish

10. American

He did, however, offer a glimmer of hope to British graduates by offering the following tips on how to get ahead of the competition:

1. My starting point is everyone is employable, they just have to realise it.

2. Then they have to find out  a) what they are good at, and b) what they like doing.  If they are the same, brilliant, if not don't worry about it.

3. Pursue a) and b) relentlessly.

4. Get on your bike and go look for it. Norman Tebbit was wrong on a lot of things, but not on this.

5. Don’t take no for an answer, and either change your question or change what you are looking to do.

6. Don't join generation 'Y' bother!

7. The Indians, Chinese are the most employable graduates in the world. Why? Because they want it the most.

8. Attitude is everything see 7) above.

9. If you go for a job do your research about the company, industry, skill base and market at least two days before you go for the interview.

10. If you are turned down for an interview, ask why, then do something about that answer you receive.


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