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Comment from Linea Resourcing on employment law reforms

Comment from Linea Resourcing on employment law reforms

Mike Gorshkov, managing director of Cardiff-based recruitment firm Linea Resourcing, says: “The “protected conversation” proposal offers both the employer and employee the opportunity to have constructive off the record conversations concerning performance or other issues without instigating formal disciplinary measures.

“This will not only help speed up problem resolution and improve communication but also will be more conducive to the pace and demands of modern business with less red tape and formality.

“Employee rights are still protected but the new proposals go some way to bridging the gap between employers and employees which has been widened in recent years by the introduction of inflexible and cumbersome procedures.”



FCSA responds to Cable’s employment law announcements

In response to Vince Cable’s announcement today that the Government will consult in the spring to streamline the current regulatory regime for the recruitment sector, Stuart Davis, Chairman of the FCSA says:

& lsquo;It is fitting that Vince Cable echoed David Cameron’s support for the flexible workforce on National Freelancers Day today. As they both agreed, the flexible workforce gives our economy an impressive competitive advantage and the FCSA welcomes their proposals to simplify and streamline the regulatory process around recruitment which will enable the flexible workforce to flourish.

However, whilst we strongly support a reduction in red tape around recruitment of the self-employed highly skilled, specialist workers who make up a large section of the flexible workforce, the Government must also take measures to protect vulnerable temporary workers. Treating this highly differential group with a & lsquo;one size fits all’ regulatory solution risks damaging the flexible workforce and consequently diminishing their potential contribution to the UK economy. Mr. Cable and Mr. Cameron must not only recognize the importance of this contribution to the economic recovery but also ensure all proposed regulatory change is tailored accordingly.


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