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Fairsail inspires Future Leaders to achieve more

Fairsail inspires Future Leaders to achieve more

UK’s leading educational talent specialists save money, time and improves service with Cloud based HR solution from Fairsail

Fairsail, the leader in Total Talent Management, today announced
educational talent specialist Future Leaders has adopted its cloud offering as it continues to select, inspire and develop tomorrow’s educational leaders today.

Future Leaders specialises in training and recruiting educational leaders who are then placed within some of the UK’s most challenging schools, as either head teachers or senior teaching staff.  With offices based in London, Birmingham, Manchester and one soon to open in Leeds, Future Leaders needed to streamline its recruitment and training processes, as well as manage complex competency assessments.

The recruitment process within Future leaders begins in October and ends in March, following a similar process to that witnessed in & lsquo;milk-round’ graduate recruitment.  During this process over 1500 applicants are attracted, each of which must meet various criteria and pass stringent competency assessments created by professional assessors within Future Leaders’ organisation.

The amount of applications meant huge amounts of data had to be managed, creating a bottleneck within the organisation.  Complex spreadsheets, manual entries as well as paper forms were filled in by hand and then re-entered into Excel, this was proving time consuming, as well as expensive.  Staff wasted valuable time managing the outdated processes in place within the organisation and needed a quick and affordable cloud solution.

Shirley Gaynor, COO, Future Leaders explains “Fairsail was able to automate the admin chores, reminding candidates which sections needed completing, all the while personalising the reminders. It was the & lsquo;toolbox’ we needed to free staff and simplify the process while still offering the personalised service our applicants expect.  We have been able to save ourselves the equivalent of two members of staff who are now able to serve the business in a more proactive manner”.

After defining the requirements needed by Future Leaders, Shirley concluded that Fairsail was in fact the only HR solution which would fulfil the companies needs, including the human capital management (HCM) systems needed to manage staff internally.  Fairsail is not only used to manage recruitment but is now used to analyse and benchmark data from training processes conducted throughout the business.

Nic Scott, CEO, Fairsail said “Future Leaders is an innovative organisation using recruitment to provide the very best educational leaders to UK’s underprivileged schools.  As with many organisations, Excel was not up to the Job and even streamlining data processes did not offer the same results as a fully integrated cloud HR solution. It is this shift within HR processes which is heralding a change to tired and stretched recruitment processes”.

With more offices already in the pipeline and the technology behind them to set up anywhere at any time, Future Leaders will continue to grow providing the staff who will ultimately inspire tomorrow’s leaders today.


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