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Graduates grasp work experience as key to recruitment but fail to see opportunities at UK SMEs

Graduates grasp work experience as key to recruitment but fail to see opportunities at UK SMEs

- Iconnyx conducts industry-wide survey and reveals uncertain times leading to & lsquo;first job rather than right job’ mentality, where SMEs lose out -

73% recruitment agencies and 82% graduates believe work experience is the route to finding a job, according to a recent survey by UK SME Iconnyx.

However, 68% graduates stated they would take the first job offered rather than the right one, with more graduates applying for a wider array of jobs.

With news of the UK job market contracting in the face of global uncertainty

Iconnyx conducted its graduate survey across thirty recruitment consultancies, taking in feedback from university graduates nationwide.

With regard to the graduate candidates coming forward, 40% of consultancies found that more graduates are accepting unpaid internships. This fact is unsurprising given that over the next 12 months, 63% agencies believe that there will be more candidates than job opportunities.

To provide SMEs with a better understanding of what they can expect when looking to hire graduates, Iconnyx surveyed candidates to understand their preference for size of organisation. Only 3% of recruitment consultancies surveyed found that graduates favoured small organisations, and 50% of graduates had no preference towards working for a small or large organisation.

Tim Walker, Iconnyx Managing Director commented:

“I believe these results show that graduates are overlooking the opportunities and benefits associated with SMEs, who in many instances are less exposed to global market instability. Whilst it might seem like a risk in the current climate, small to medium size organisations have the agility to respond to market opportunities, and can be more flexible with regard to hiring staff. Whilst it is positive that graduates are getting work experience, the opportunity for career progression in an SME compared to a larger organisation should also be a factor to be considered by universities when giving careers advice.”

The Graduate Recruitment survey is part of the SME Insightseducational series that Iconnyx is running in partnership with The Supper Club, providing a platform for SMEs to share pain points and receive relevant educational content.


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