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Innovantage announces launch of Insight 4

Innovantage announces launch of Insight 4

Innovantage, the UK’s leading provider of prospect and market intelligence to the recruitment sector, has today announced the  release of the latest version of its cutting-edge research tool, Insight 4.

Innovantage’s flagship technology, which can be found at the heart of Insight, is already an industry leader and boasts high profile job boards, publishers and recruitment consultancies among its regular users.  Insight 4 helps those interested in the recruitment market find and better understand companies which are advertising jobs online.  “Each month we collect nearly 1.5 million job postings from over 170 job boards and 630,000 company websites,” says Matthew Dewstowe, Managing Director.  “This is a compelling dataset that can be put to use in many ways”. 

Innovantage has integrated more than 4.4 million companies from Dun & Bradstreet – adding an extra dimension to the data which cannot be taken from job ads alone.  This includes telephone numbers, addresses, sector and employee sizes.  “We’ve also jumped on the opportunity to integrate LinkedIn’s API”, says Matthew.  “It provides slick integration at run-time with your network of LinkedIn contacts”.

Innovantage led the market on entry more than four years ago with a tool that revolutionised the way that recruiters researched the job market and supported clients. The company is continuing to push market boundaries with rich business intelligence for all areas of the recruitment sector and business beyond that.

Innovantage is also pleased to offer a festive offer until 14th December 2011.  

Professional Lite is available for just &pound800 VAT for 12 months.

You can sign up to find out more about the offer here:


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