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Maximus Mos raising awareness about mens health issues

Maximus “Mo’s” raising awareness about men’s health issues

One of the UK’s leading specialist ERP recruitment consultancy, Maximus, will be joining men across the globe to raise awareness and funds for a range of men’s health issues, particularly prostrate and testicular cancer.

The Maximus Mo Bros will trim and refine their way into who can carry off the best Tom Selleck impersonation between now and 30th November. But there are two clear rules that the Maximus Mo’s must abide by. First, the Mo must not join either sideburn (that’s a beard). And second, there can be no joining of the & lsquo;handlebars’ at the chin (that’s a goatee).

Throughout November, the Maximus Mo Bros will effectively be mobile talking billboards raising awareness surrounding issues regarding men’s health that are often ignored.

Shaylan Mistry, ERP Resources Manager at Maximus, said: “While there is a fun element involved, there is a serious message behind what we are doing. Getting everyone to grow a moustache is a great way to get attention and while being able to explain that is all part of raising awareness and much needed funds for a wide range of health issues specifically related to men.”

“Men are often reluctant to discuss their own health and Movember is a great way to increase their own self-awareness and spread the word that prevention is better than cure.”

Not content with just growing moustaches for the aptly named month of “Movember”, the moustachioed consultants have taken things a step further with moustache-related wordplay entering their everyday working environment, with “Mo” adopted as a prefix for an array of descriptions, including “Mo-ximus”, “Mo-tastic”, and “Mo-way!”

Last year’s Movember raised more than &pound11 million for men’s health related causes and this year’s event is set to be even bigger. While prostate cancer occurs primarily in older men, testicular cancer is more common in younger men and is the most common cancer affected men aged 18 to 35. Movember seeks to encourage early detection and treatment by asking any men who detect a lump in one of their testes to consult their doctor.

All monies raised by the consultants will be matched by the company’s directors and given to charity via the following link:


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