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ONS "Reasons for leaving last job" report - comment

ONS "Reasons for leaving last job" report - comment

Daniel Smith, director of the legal recruitment consultants Noble Legal, commented:

 “In the legal sector, the recruitment market is often one of feast or famine – as one team within a firm succeeds whilst another struggles.

 “Those whose teams are struggling are the most likely to seek a move to a more secure job – so the sector’s fragility is actually proving a driver for the relatively buoyant recruitment market.

 “Even through these tumultuous times, we have still enjoyed a healthy increase of 26% in placements in the last year.”

Change Recruitment Greoup: fall in the number of people leaving jobs is not surprising

Commenting on the ONS statistics on the fall in the number of people leaving jobs over the last 13 years, Brian Robinson, CFO of Change Recruitment commented: “That the job market has been less dynamic over the past few years is hardly surprising. Most workers will be looking for security in the context of the present economic uncertainty.

“The number of people holding on to jobs seems to have risen - the good news being that redundancies have decreased since the peak of the recession in 2009. Within those workers that are changing jobs, either voluntary or involuntary, we have seen an increase in people looking to work abroad. This has been married with an active international recruitment market.”

The study also showed slowing economic growth had a greater impact on the rate of people leaving their job in private firms than in the public sector.

Brian continues: “These statistics highlight, not for the first time, that the private sector has been a great deal faster to respond to the recession than the public sector. I believe we're still yet to feel the full impact of the cuts in the public sector.”


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