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QuoStar brings the flexibility, speed and cost benefits of cloud computing to recruitment experts at

QuoStar brings the flexibility, speed and cost benefits of cloud computing to recruitment experts at Sacco Mann

Established in 1997, Sacco Mann is one of the UK’s most respected names in Legal and IP recruitment. In particular, the company has a strong reputation for providing its clients with a complete and bespoke service, whether that means giving salary advice, determining the availability of particular candidates or opportunities, or providing expert guidance on how to get the best out of an interview.

Sacco Mann also differentiates itself from the competition by taking the time and effort to understand its clients' exact requirements, as well as that of any potential candidates, before carefully matching the two.

“At Sacco Mann, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a tailor-made recruitment service that consistently exceeds our clients' and candidates' expectations,” says John Sacco, Director, Sacco Mann.  “Over the years, we’ve built a dedicated team of people who care about treating both candidates and clients in exactly the way they’d like to be treated themselves.”

This focus on the & lsquo;human touch’ has undoubtedly helped to fuel Sacco Mann’s success to date, yet the company also understands the vital role that IT plays in a modern business.  As a result, Sacco Mann is committed to using the latest technology, software and systems to provide the greatest possible efficiency, flexibility and security for its staff, clients and candidates.

To this end, Sacco Mann contacted QuoStar towards the middle of 2010 in order to find a way to link its Manchester and Leeds offices more effectively.  Because the company’s main server was based in its Leeds office, employees in its Manchester office needed to access the company’s data via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  As a result, the connection to the company’s main server in Leeds was often slow and/or unreliable, which created unwanted delays when accessing important data, systems and forms.

“We knew that something needed to be done to improve the IT links between our Manchester and Leeds offices, but at the same time we didn’t want to simply throw money at the problem by buying loads of new IT equipment for the Manchester office, as we had purchased a lot of this same equipment for the Leeds office already.  We asked QuoStar whether there was a better way to tackle the problem, and they came up with a compelling business case for cloud computing, as this model would give both our offices a secure and reliable connection to all of our data, software and systems from any location.”

Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many companies, as it allows businesses to access the computing power that they need as a service, rather than a product.  As such, this model will allow employees in all of Sacco Mann’s offices – and virtually any other location – to access the company’s core applications and data via the internet whenever they need them, efficiently and securely.

“The move to cloud computing will bring a number of important benefits to Sacco Mann,” says James Stelfox, Director, QuoStar.  “Sacco Mann’s employees will now be able to access their network via the internet by using an ordinary web browser, regardless of their location or what device they are using. For Sacco Mann in particular, this model will provide much greater flexibility for any employees working from home, and will also provide faster and more reliable access to all of the company’s information from all of its regional offices. Also, because it offers such a highly flexible model, cloud computing will help to give Sacco Mann enormous flexibility in terms of budgeting.”

Cloud computing will also bring other benefits to Sacco Mann.  For a start, the overall reliability of the company’s IT systems will be improved, since the IT equipment being used at QuoStar’s dedicated data centres is much more powerful than the system that Sacco Mann had been using in-house.  Plus, QuoStar is now able to monitor Sacco Mann’s network speed and performance at all times, in order to deliver maximum uptime and prevent any disruption to service.

Security is also very important to Sacco Mann, which is another reason that the company chose to work with QuoStar. As an ISO 27001 certified company, QuoStar can guarantee that all of Sacco Mann’s data is carefully controlled at all times, and in accordance with the specific permissions given to different employees, depending on their role. 

“Some businesses have concerns whenever any data is held off site, but security in the cloud is just as good – and often better – than traditional systems, since we are able to devote resources to solving security issues that many businesses simply can’t afford,” James Stelfox adds. 

Sacco Mann’s migration to the cloud went very smoothly, largely because QuoStar was able to examine how the company’s existing software would function within a cloud computing model. For Sacco Mann, easy access to this type of specialist expertise underlined the importance of working with a cloud computing provider that offered more than just hosting. For example, QuoStar was able to & lsquo;tweak’ the company’s database software before moving it to the cloud in order to make sure that it would continue to work properly.

“One of the best things about QuoStar was their ability to take a & lsquo;consultancy’ approach to this entire project,” John Sacco adds. “In other words, QuoStar has provided us with much more than just a & lsquo;hosted system’ – they have provided us with the expertise, support and tools that we need to offer the best possible service for our candidates, clients, and employees.”

Sacco Mann’s decision to adopt a cloud computing model is already helping to support the company’s ambitious expansion plans. With Sacco Mann’s data and systems now stored in the cloud, the company can now add new users at any time, both quickly and easily, whether they are based in one of its regional offices, working from home, or accessing the network from an iPad or other mobile device. 

The company has recently opened a new office in London, and is currently planning to open additional offices in both the UK and abroad.  With these robust plans for expansion now in place, Sacco Mann has already decided to replace QuoStar’s original one-year contract with a three-year contract instead.

“QuoStar really took the time to really understand our business, and to hold regular meetings with us in order to make sure that everything was working exactly as it should,” he adds. “As a result, QuoStar was much more than just a vendor or a supplier they were a strategic partner that we could trust and lean on throughout the earliest planning stages, the implementation, and beyond.  For all of these reasons, we expect QuoStar to be a valued partner for many years to come.”


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