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Having provided recruitment services to over 10,000 employers and introduced over 250,000 new jobs into the labour market, Tony Wilmot, director of Frontline Recruitment, knows about getting people back to work. And with 22 years of experience under his belt, he recognises that in these tough economic times, recruitment has to be cost effective to both employer and employee.

As Tony explains:

“There’s no two ways about it, what this country needs is jobs. More money in people’s pockets drives consumer spending and subsequently growth – which is what every business in UK is looking for. There are good reasons to pay recruitment consultants fees on executive wages, but not when the only value being added is the sourcing of low-level CVs.”

Wilmot predicts his new venture,, could save UK PLC millions of pounds per annum by providing recruiters, HR professionals and talent managers with no-cost access to a searchable database of professional and personal candidate information, as well as the ability to advertise jobs for free. He hopes that these savings will be converted into investment in people in the form of new jobs in both the private and public sectors.

Wilmot continues: “Social media allows job seekers to interact directly with marketing and HR departments, so the people who are really proactive are using those channels to keep up-to-date with opportunities – rather than just sending their CVs to consultants. Social media provides a great way for highly motivated people to promote themselves, and with the employment market becoming more competitive I’d expect it to become more popular.

“There’s also the middle ground to be filled, which is where we’re going with We’re combining the rich content and public awareness of social media with the centralised nature of traditional recruitment, and we’ve made the service free to use for both employers and candidates. We know we’re not going to have a profound effect on the economy straight away, but we do think this has the potential to have a very positive effect.” launched its free service in early October, and the site now has over 1,000 jobs and 10,000 candidates available to view online. Numbers are expected to grow exponentially in the coming months and their target is to get the number of candidates to over a million before the end of the year.


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