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The French connection - REC talks industry trends at Paris Forum

The French connection - REC talks industry trends at Paris Forum

The REC was invited to take part in the prestigious 'Cercle Laffitte' Forum hosted by Prisme, the French recruitment federation. The meeting in Paris was an opportunity to exchange views with leading agencies as well as with academics and research institutes in France.   

Discussions focused on latest market trends in both France and the UK and on the development of new supply models. The roundtable also honed in on future growth sectors and on opportunities for agencies to deliver Government-funded employment initiatives. 

Reviewing messages from the Forum, Tom Hadley, Director of Policy and Professional Services at the REC says:

"There is real value in exchanging views with National Federations and for gaining first hand insights into market trends in other countries. There are different regulatory and political pressures at play but there is also a huge amount of common ground around issues such as compliance and professionalising the industry.

“One priority for agencies in France is to continue challenging mistrust and misconceptions about the role of the industry and to actively promote a positive 'brand' to Government. This is the core theme of next year's World Employment Conference in London and we will continue to strengthen relationships with sister federations ahead of the global gathering in 2012.”

For more information on Prisme, visit:

The Ciett World Employment Conference is being hosted by the REC and will be held in London on May 23rd - 25th 2012. For further details go to:


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