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•        UK’s biggest IT jobs site introduces the industry’s first comprehensive salary data tool, in response to client demand

•        Analysis designed to provide IT recruiters and HR professionals with competitive edge

•        Free, regional info-graphic data provided through The IT Salary Monitor

In response to client demand, The IT Job Board (, the UK’s biggest IT jobs site (1) , has launched The IT Salary Monitor (2). The tool is the first of its kind for the sector and provides clients with a single source of up-to-date regional IT salary data – including salary levels and skills in demand on both the contract and permanent side.

Alexandra Farrell, managing director at The IT Job Board, said: “Following extensive client research, The IT Job Board identified a market need to provide this type of comprehensive and interactive analysis.

“The - free to use - IT Salary Monitor is designed to support the company’s client base of recruiters and HR professionals, and to provide them with a competitive edge through specific live remuneration data. And, importantly it will enable recruitment consultants to undertake placement negotiation between the client and candidate, using verified and independent data.”

The tool pulls in 600 different permanent and contract salaries, and then breaks them down by region and skill. It also provides jobs advertised by skill and region – helping recruiters to understand skills in demand within a specific area. All data is then provided in the form of info-graphics, or regional & lsquo;Heat Maps’.

The IT Salary Monitor provides all the data clients need in one location, in an easy to use format. The tool will help those advertising IT roles to agree relevant salary levels, without needing to spend a long time doing research. It will also help them to gauge levels of supply and demand within a given area.

Farrell added: “We are proud to have built an industry first, and - what will become - an invaluable tool for clients.”

In addition, The IT Salary Monitor provides a benchmarking tool, which highlights that in the UK there are currently 1.52 million people employed in the IT sector – that’s one in 18 working adults. The tool also indicates market trends – indicating the & lsquo;hot topics’, which include: NoSQL, social media, cloud computing and mobility. The monitor also provides insight into industry trends – current analysis indicates that & lsquo;although recruitment hasn’t left the economic downturn unscathed, IT is an industry set to grow at 2.19 percent per annum, which is nearly five times faster than the UK average’.

Data from The IT Salary Monitor highlights:

•        The largest number of jobs advertised are in London – 219,103 permanent positions, and 88,459 contract roles

•        The largest number of permanent jobs are for developers in London (18,710), and for contract – again developers in London (7,980)

•        The highest paid permanent salary is for an Architect role in London on &pound70,000, and the highest contracted job is for a C specialist at &pound575 per day in London.

The IT Salary Monitor can be found at


[1] 15,260 jobs, as at 15 November, 2011

2 Source data is supplied by IT Jobs Watch


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