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Understaffing hospitals is a gamble with patient care says REC Healthcare.

Understaffing hospitals is a gamble with patient care says REC Healthcare. 

REC Healthcare today highlighted the problem of understaffing throughout the NHS, arguing that despite financial pressures, experienced professionals must remain in frontline clinical roles at all times. 

Research published by the Dr Foster Hospital Guide shows that mortality rates vary according to the number of qualified staff available.   For instance, the mortality rate for emergency procedures stands at 7.3 percent during the week, but jumps to eight per cent over the weekend when more consultants are on call or not working. 

Commenting on this, Ed McRandal, Healthcare Advisor at the REC said

“It is deeply concerning that death rates for emergency treatment are ten percent higher in NHS hospitals over the weekend.  Today’s report shows that despite clear evidence linking insufficient staffing to a drop in standards of care, some trusts are still prepared to rely on less qualified junior doctors rather than invest in experienced cover.

“We have seen the effect that insufficient staffing can have in hospitals like Stafford, where the lack of guidance from experienced professionals facilitated a culture where standards severely slipped.” 

He added

“Whilst we understand the NHS will have to make difficult decisions to find &pound20 billion of savings by 2014, the solution must not be cutting back on frontline staff.  When faced with staff shortages trusts should look to bring on experienced locum professionals, not take a gamble on patient care by understaffing or relying on less qualified professionals.”


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