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24-7 Response Confirms That Agency Workers Regulations Have Increased Workload

24-7 Response Confirms That Agency Workers Regulations Have Increased Workload for Recruitment Agencies and Shortened Contracts for Temporary Workers

24-7 Response, leading providers of recruitment services, confirmed that two months into the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) being in effect that its administration workload has increased by at least 10% and the company is seeing additional costs.

24-7 Response Director Stuart Moss said, “As we suspected clients are less likely to keep temporary staff on after 12 weeks and want a 'recycling' which contravenes the regulations. The end result will be temps and clients don’t benefit and we as the agency will bear the additional workload and costs”.

Stuart added, “The AWR was introduced with the intention of boosting the economy and benefitting workers who have been on agency for a long time by encouraging companies to offer long term agency workers permanent positions. It’s a little early to say whether that will in fact happen however we are already seeing companies offering 10-week contracts and then rotating staff. This completely flies in the face of what AWR is supposed to be about.  It’s not difficult to see that both clients and temporary workers will suffer.  Clients suffer because they will have people changing roles affecting consistency and quality, and temps because their contracts will be shorter. While the philosophy of equal rights such as parity of pay for temporary and permanent staff is of course laudable in translation it doesn’t really seem to be benefitting any of the parties affected so far”.


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