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IT staff working on mCommerce for major retailers getting 20% more pay

IT staff working on mCommerce for major retailers getting 20% more pay

&pound600 per day for staff with three years experience

Tablet and smartphone apps now a key priority for retailers

IT staff working on e-commerce tools for smart phones and tablet computers are being paid 20% more than workers in more “traditional” e-commerce roles says ReThink Recruitment (ReThink), the business and technology staffing company.

ReThink says that junior designers working on mobile commerce (mCommerce) platforms are earning approximately &pound350 day, compared to &pound280 per day for their contemporaries working on normal e-commerce projects (i.e. aimed at e-commerce through a laptop or desk).

ReThink explains that these designers develop IT software platforms to ensure retailer’s mobile apps for iPads, tablets and smart phones are as optimised and as functional as possible.

Programme managers working on mCommerce platforms are earning approximately &pound600 per day. ReThink says that colleagues working on similar projects within e-commerce roles are earning approximately &pound500 a day.

ReThink adds that a rush to enhance mobile retail sites and a limited supply of qualified and experienced contractors is pushing up pay.

Iain Blair, Director at ReThink, says: “We are seeing a large wave of work as retailers beef up their mobile retailing offerings. They see mCommerce as an exciting new sales avenue and are more aware than ever of the potential boom in revenue from giving customers a highly customised and slick mobile browsing experience.”

“Customers are no longer just using these tools to find their nearest store or check the opening and closing times. They are increasingly expecting to see 360 degree product views, to place orders internationally, to double check a high street store has the right size and colour of a design of shoes – and all these require extensive expenditure in IT.”

“This is now a top priority for all the major retailers. Most see it as far more critical than more traditional areas of spend, such as investment in store payment systems or upgrading store fittings.”

“Some retailers feel that they missed out on the initial e-commerce land grab and that they are not going to make the same mistake with mConmmerce.”

ReThink says that with more customers than ever shopping online, retailers who can make more sales purely through mCommerce can also benefit from significant savings on store rents. The lower cost for retailers means they can pass these savings straight onto their customers or re-invest more heavily into their business.

Iain Blair says: “Competition among retailers to attract suitably qualified staff is intensifying and we are now seeing a two tier market with pay for staff with mCommerce experience motoring ahead.”

“This time last year much of this work was being outsourced to third party agencies. Now retailers feel far more comfortable bringing this work in house. They are recruiting to build up their own teams and are willing to pay a premium to secure the best staff.”

ReThink adds that candidates with the right skills are now often juggling up to four or five job offers. Many will often prioritise the quality of the project over lucrative pay offers.


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