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JSA Group to join FCSA

JSA Group to join FCSA

The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association will today announce that JSA Group has been accepted as a full member of the Association.

Like all other members, JSA Group had to subject themselves to the FCSA Code of Conduct, a rigorous review process established by the Association with advice from HM Revenue and Customs.

The Code is designed to be the most robust and comprehensive in existence, conducted independently by KPMG - one of the & lsquo;big four’ accountancy practices.  It is designed to demonstrate to Government, as well as freelancers and contractors looking for a service provider, that a company is financially stable, provides high quality professional services and operates to the highest standards of transparency and accountability. Compliance with the Code is independently assessed and validated by KPMG, with documentation deposited with HM Revenue and Customs at the end of the accreditation process.

Stuart Davis, Chairman, FCSA said:

& lsquo;We are extremely pleased that JSA Group has been able to meet the high standards required to gain membership of the FCSA and very much look forward to working with them to uphold those standards.

Gaining a member like JSA Group demonstrates to the flexible workforce and recruitment agencies the importance of FCSA membership for their service providers as it recognises them as being reliable, responsible and robust.

We hope that JSA Group’s acceptance to FCSA will inspire other service providers to seek to attain the FCSA standard as they see the many benefits of FCSA membership.’

Louise Rayner, Finance Director at JSA Group said:

& lsquo;Compliance is at the heart of our business and JSA genuinely believe that it is this, which with our focus on service, differentiates us from other providers.  Our business is under more and more scrutiny with regard to employment status, Agency Legislation and Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) and we know that our contractor and agency clients alike, need to trust that their supplier is fully compliant.

& lsquo;JSA are accountants and we are proud of our qualifications and commitment to good practice.  It is for this reason that we recently applied for membership of the FCSA and were subject to the KPMG assessment.  This is not an easy certification to achieve and we have invested heavily in our systems, procedures and people in order to reach the required standards.  Agencies and employers need to know that their suppliers are compliant and not putting them at risk of employment tribunals and HMRC investigations.   I truly believe that this accreditation will make JSA “one of the few” and a business on which our partners can rely on and trust.’


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