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placeability passing on the baton and raising awareness of disability with Remploy and Making Space

placeability&trade passing on the baton and raising awareness of disability with Remploy and Making Space

placeability&trade was on the winning team this month, working with Remploy and Making Space to & lsquo;pass on the baton’, at an event supporting the International Day of Disabled People (IDDP), aiming to help recruit and aid the disabled and those with long term barriers to work.

The & lsquo;baton’ event, held on December 3rd, was organised to celebrate the international day and to promote awareness of disability issues, the rights of disabled people and the integration of disabled people into their local communities.

The baton was passed by Remploy Account Manager, Jason McCurdy. As an organisation with a mission to transform the lives of disabled people by providing sustainable employment opportunities, Remploy fully supports IDDP each year by raising awareness of disability and encouraging discussions about the skills, abilities and achievements of disabled people.

In support, and as an innovative and fun way of spreading the message of IDDP with the theme of & lsquo;Aiming High and Achieving More’, placeability&trade joined the Remploy Relay. Their presence at the event highlights the growing affiliations between organisations such as Remploy and Making Space, and how placeability&trade are breaking down yet more barriers to work for the disabled and the long term unemployed.

As part of the project, Remploy is asking each person who is given a baton, virtual or real, to share an inspirational story of a disabled person, group or organisation linked to disability, that aimed high and as a result achieved more. Beth Carruthers, Remploy’s Director of Employment Services comments:

“I am thrilled that de Poel and placeability&trade have joined us in the Remploy Relay. I look forward to hearing about the baton’s progress and receiving further inspirational stories about people who have aimed high and achieved more.”

Gaynor Chisnall, Making Space Operations Director, and  the Financial Director, Wyn Jones were present, and Gaynor was eager to display her delight at Making Space’s strategic relationship with placeability&trade. She said:

“Every so often strategic alliances come along which not only help the organisation move forward, but are of great benefits to individuals whom are disabled and those trying to get back into long term employment. I am extremely pleased that Making Space’s alignment with placeability&trade focuses purely on the benefits of the workers.” 

Since 1982, Making Space has been working with people affected by mental health conditions, and their carers, to help them shape their lives based on their own personal aspirations and circumstances. Today this approach is called & lsquo;personalisation’ – something that all Making Space services strive to deliver with dignity, compassion, humanity and, whenever appropriate, a sense of humour.

On behalf of Making Space, Area manager Carol Garrett, received the baton and she was keen to promote the cause saying:

“We are delighted with what has been achieved today and really happy that through our existing relationship with de Poel, we have been able to forge yet more links with companies like placeability&trade.

The Baton has now been passed to placeability&trade, whose work within their national client base has provided the opportunity to pass on the baton further still. Both Making space and placeability&trade have already successfully placed a number of care workers with long term barriers to entry as a result of the initiative, with many more opportunities on the horizon.

placeability&trade was represented by Recruitment Executive, Stephen Chadderton, de Poel Senior Account Manager, Sarah Hargreaves, and placeability Senior Account Manager, Janice Henson, who says:

“I am delighted that we have been given the opportunity to be part of the International Day of Disabled People, and feel privileged to be able to both receive and pass on the baton.

“It is our hope that initiatives like this act as the catalyst for greater things and we look forward to showing how placeability can be a part of that.”

If you would like to know more about the International Day of Disabled People (IDDP), please contact Janice Henson at call 01565 682 020.


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