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Top Resolutions Staff Want Bosses To Make

Top Resolutions Staff Want Bosses To Make

As Christmas approaches, thoughts inevitably turn to New Year’s resolutions. A snapshot survey of over 100 legal support staff on behalf of specialist legal recruiter, DMJ Recruitmenthas revealed the top resolutions they wish their boss would make.

Over half (51%) of respondents wanted their manager to make more efforts to assess and provide training opportunities to their employees. “When pay rises are off the cards, I think firms should take more time to assess the needs of their staff as an alternative” commented one PA. “Not only will it improve our skill set, but it will enable us to perform other tasks that may currently be outsourced – thereby cutting costs”.

Over a quarter of those surveyed felt their manager ought to be more visible within their team, have more contact with them, and to be more approachable. “There’s no doubt that associates and managing partners are operating in highly pressurised environments” said one Legal Secretary, “However, we are too! Making steps to be more approachable and interact with the whole team would not only make me feel more valued, but it would also encourage me to work that bit harder for the boss.”

The New Year, new job scenario is a regular trend each January, even in tough economic times, says Caroline Rhodes, a consultant at DMJ Recruitment. “This trend is often driven by a lack of morale, or indeed the desire to have more opportunity to further skills and experience in another role. Top rate legal support staff are the backbone of any firm – perhaps these New Year resolutions should be closely considered.”

The top five resolutions found in the survey are:

Assess and offer more training to those of employees that need/deserve it.

Appreciate the work I do more.

Be honest - if the business isn't doing well then say so.

Don't promise a promotion or pay rise in order to get me to work harder.

Be more visible, have more contact with the team and above all be more approachable.


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