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Unemployment Statistics and Number of Vacancies Just Dont Stack Up Says Staffbay

Unemployment Statistics and Number of Vacancies & lsquo;Just Don’t Stack Up’ Says Staffbay

17 December 2011 - With unemployment figures at a 17 year high, many are questioning whether we are truly recovering from the recession caused by the 2008 financial crisis. Two leading figures in the recruitment industry are saying we certainly are, claiming that the & lsquo;green shoots’ are there and just need nurturing.

Tony Wilmot and Elliot Kidd, founders of, the world's first free recruitment website, believe that the current unemployment statistics are not matching up with the recent success of their website.

Tony Wilmot said: “In the last month alone we have seen the number of companies signing up with Staffbay rise by 189%, what’s more, the number of jobs being uploaded has increased by 214%. These phenomenal figures do not correlate to the employment statistics we hear on the news.”

Elliot Kidd added: “As with any business, recruitment is about supply and demand, and as we have seen from Staffbay's performance in November, both the & lsquo;supply’ and & lsquo;demand’ are definitely there. Therefore, it is extremely surprising that the number of vacancies on our website just don’t stack up with the national picture.

“Whether this is due to job-hunters being under qualified in some cases, or over qualified in others, the government needs to support ideas which help get people back into work, especially ones like Staffbay which is free to both employers and those looking for work.”

Since its launch earlier this year, Staffbay has proved to be extremely popular among both employers and jobseekers alike, and with its social media inspired design, founders Wilmot and Kidd expect the numbers of job postings to grow exponentially.


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