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Badenoch & Clark Key hiring trends in HR

Badenoch & Clark Key hiring trends in HR

Human Resources Market data:


• Permanent salaries up 1.72% YOY

• Permanent vacancies up 0.52% MOM to


• Head of recruitment salary rose the most in 2011, up 3.63% YOY to &pound57,557


• Contract pay up 0.05% YOY

• Contract vacancies down 2.63% YOY to 253

“With HR becoming more strategic and having been streamlined during 2011, we expect the

progressive agenda, international markets and growth sectors such as technology to be the

driving force for HR recruitment in 2012.”


“2011 saw a growth in L&D and change management roles – investment in

people was seen as key to growth during economic uncertainty.”

“HR generalists with strong commercial skills were in demand, allowing for

streamlining of HR roles.”

“From HR managers to HR business partners, the HR role became more

strategic as business requirements evolved.”


Hiring in technology to set the pace

“Technology companies are increasingly seizing the opportunity to satisfy consumer convenience and entertainment as well as business’ appetite for driving efficiencies. As a result it is anticipated that newer or start up technology businesses will be best placed to capitalise and this could drive fresh demand for HR professionals.”

Progressive agenda roles to be in demand

“With businesses running so leanly at the moment, we anticipate that, as new budgets get released, there will be rising levels in recruitment. Specialist areas of the progressive agenda such as talent, leadership development, organisational learning and development and resourcing are expected to be in demand going into the second half of 2012 as a result.”

International markets to drive senior level demand

“As both established companies and new ventures offering B2B services or real expertise continue to explore international markets we expect opportunities to be created for internationally experienced HR professionals. This could also lead to more buoyancy in the job market at HR director level where hiring is focussed on bringing in those with strategic clout and a long term view.”


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