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Serving as an indicator for job creation in the UK, CareerBuilder tracked job listings over the year to provide an insider's perspective on hiring trends. Although the unemployment rate remains high at 8.4 per cent, job listings on are up 22 per cent from December 2010 to December 2011.

The following job areas have seen growth over last year, and are currently the most in demand jobs, according to data:

  *   Administrative/Secretarial
  *   Customer Service
  *   Engineering
  *   IT
  *   Manufacturing
  *   Marketing-Advertising-PR
  *   Sales

While competition for open positions is expected to remain high in 2012, there are steps job seekers can take to maximize their job search, including:

Leverage social media - Use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to make connections and promote your personal brand across the Internet. Launch a blog or networking group to establish thought leadership and showcase your communications skills.

Quantify when you can - In addition to listing your responsibilities and accomplishments at your past positions on your CV, make sure you share how you've impacted the financial security of the company by including numbers and statistics whenever possible. For example, if you had a great sale that led to increased revenue or if you increased awareness of the company brand then include it. Metrics help with the sell, the more the better!

Prepare, prepare, prepare - for every job you apply to, research the company by looking at the press room for recent announcements, the about us section to learn more about the company culture, and the list of products so you are familiar with their offerings when the recruiter calls to schedule an interview. Having this knowledge will allow you to easily answer and ask questions both before and during the interview.

Stay upbeat -- Don't focus on the hardships associated with being unemployed in your communications with an employer. Focus on what you learned from the experience and how that makes you a stronger candidate for the employer.

Consider using a recruitment consultancy - A good recruitment consultancy can have far-reaching business contacts and can find work that you might not see in your job search.


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