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Careers in Start-Ups Are Attractive for 89% of Managers

Careers in Start-Ups Are Attractive for 89% of Managers

89% of middle- and senior level managers in Russia and CIS are ready to accept a job offer from a start-up company. At the same time 67% of the respondents have already worked for such a company setting up their business in Russia. These results were obtained during a survey held by Antal Russia amongst more than 360 managers in Russia and CIS.

The majority – 72% - of respondents consider challenging tasks to be the main motivation to work for a start-up organisation. The opportunity to build the company or function from scratch and the additional freedom in comparison with traditional business also attract candidates (70% and 58% accordingly). Among other reasons that respondents have mentioned were greater personal and professional development, higher salary and benefits, more responsibility and faster career development.

The main reasons against working for start-ups are an uncertain future (75%), smaller starting salary (45%) and less corporate structure (30%). Besides, the respondents found the biggest challenge to be working for an unknown company and an unrecognised product brand on the market, and also the need to work from home in some cases. Nevertheless some factors may change the critical attitude to the start-ups, among them the respondents mentioned a significant salary increase, interesting and innovative business idea, and charismatic personality of the general manager or founder.

“Professionals who have reached the “glass ceiling” syndrome in a large company are more willing to move to a start-up. Quite often this move becomes a reason for rapid career growth as it helps to develop not only professional skills but management skills as well”, says Vera Filatova, a Senior Manager with Antal Russia.

Respondents’ comments:

“Working in a start-up business is a good opportunity to start your own career growth with a company and be a part of it. It is very interesting and a great chance to make creative solutions for an existing problem”. Anton, manager, marketing

“It’s very important for start-ups to find a competent manager who’ll be able to build a team, divide the strategy into tasks and to establish priorities. He should delegate these functions in a way which makes everyone motivated to work efficiently”. Igor, director, IT

“It’s always interesting to start a project from a scratch. You feel a pioneer. It’s very important at this stage to have the freedom to create, because you are fully involved in the project and it becomes your main aim”. Inna, director, purchasing

“Start-ups in Russia are too unstable and they exist mainly thanks to investors’ money”. Ekaterina, specialist, marketing

“Management from scratch is not an easy task: Multi-tasking, time pressure, stress, multiply responsibilities and scarce resources are not the only challenges of the start-up company. At the same time if a manager believe in a business model and knows the business then he/she could convince staff and investors and get results”. Anastasia, director, marketing


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