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CV-Librarys TV Debut: Broadcasting Nationwide

CV-Library’s TV Debut: Broadcasting Nationwide


CV-Library is debuting its first ever TV campaign in January 2012 attracting even more candidates to its database of 4.3 million CVs.

The creators of the massively successful and adverts were employed by CV-Library to create a hard-hitting, highly responsive advert.

During the six week campaign the advert will be aired over 1,200 times on a wide range of premium digital channels. The 30 second advert will be seen by more than 5.5 million ABC1 adults with a total of 22 million viewings.

The first advert is due to air on Monday 9th January 2012 during Dragons’ Den at 6pm on Dave.

Lee Biggins, Managing Director: “Our advert doesn’t include any hidden messages like so many do these days. Instead, we’ve created a very simple message which is ultimately designed to drive candidates directly to the site. We’re demonstrating to candidates how quick and easy it is to apply for jobs online.”

The adverts guide the user through the site, from uploading their CV to searching and applying for jobs. As a general job board the commercial also demonstrates the variety of jobs available across all sectors.

CV-Library is actively engaging through offline marketing more than ever before alongside the TV commercial their radio advertising will continue and they’re targeting London with an underground advertising campaign. They will have a presence on every tube, on every line of the underground, engaging with daily commuters for 2 weeks from 23rd January 2012.

“These are really exciting projects and a huge step forward for CV-Library we hope to see some great results! We want to continue to cement trust with the brand for both recruiters and candidates but more importantly re-engage with the 4 million registered users who already use CV-Library” adds Lee Biggins.


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