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A new app has been launched which aims to streamline staff reviews, placing the onus on the individual employee and freeing up valuable resources for already stretched HR staff and line managers.

Often, managers are faced with multiple tasks to be performed to deadline, meaning that processes such as staff reviews, whilst considered extremely important to the employee, are pushed down the ladder of priorities.

With restrictions now placed on recruitment in many organisations, it is vital therefore, that the staff who remain in place possess the relevant experience, skill set and attitude to perform consistently to a high standard.

Like many other employees throughout the UK, Brag-File app developer Chris Summers was recently made redundant.  To ensure he stood out in a highly competitive job market, he created the app which supported his job applications and ultimately helped him to secure a new role.

Since then, the app has been further developed to encompass an individual organisation’s specific competencies, KPIs and key achievement criteria, used in professional development reviews.

The employee, who should have been made aware of these criteria, is encouraged to enter the details, each time they meet one of these criteria based on further studying, workshops, seminars, tasks and training.  Supporting information such as certificates and statistics can also be input and stored.  The recording of this information, which can be carried out on any individual or company-shared iPad or iPhone, will result in a detailed portfolio of the level of relevant development for that employee, which has taken place during a specific period.

When the time for an appraisal is approaching, the employee or manager can then use the app to produce a tailored professional development report, ensuring that the appraisal is then productive, specific and makes best use of the dedicated time allotted.

“HR managers and line managers should find that staff reviews become easier and faster, so that they remain a high priority and continue to take place on time at regular intervals”, says Chris.  “Employees will find it easy to integrate their career development into their working day and, at a time when pay reviews can only be given to those who have demonstrated a significant input into the organisation’s performance, Brag-File will prove invaluable in supporting decisions with facts and figures”.

There are two version of the app:  Brag-File has been designed specifically for the iPad and costs &pound2.49 whilst similar software, Brag-Notes, runs on iPhones and costs 69p.  Both are available now from iTunes or visit


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