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ManpowerGroup: Business Strategies Must Generate Benefits for Companies and Society

ManpowerGroup: Business Strategies Must Generate Benefits for Companies and Society

Businesses Should Leverage Core Capabilities to Match Profitability With Sustainability, Says Innovative Workforce Solutions Provider

ManpowerGroup the world leader in innovative workforce solutions and strategic partner of the World Economic Forum, says organizations need to leverage their core capabilities to create practical solutions that are right for the world around us and their business, as they work to meet the demands of an increasingly transparent world in the transformative new ecosystem of the Human Age.

David Arkless, ManpowerGroup President of Corporate and Government Affairs, was a discussion leader at today's World Economic Forum 2012 Annual Meeting session, "Developing Shared Values Strategies," exploring how companies can better utilize their corporate assets and entrepreneurial networks to benefit their organizations and society in consultation with social entrepreneurs.

The session explored the development of design principles and strategies to enhance corporations' existing or planned shared value strategies and how to increase understanding of critical success factors for shared value strategies to work. Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup President of the Americas and Mara Swan, ManpowerGroup Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Talent, also participated in the session which was moderated by Hirotaka Takeuchi, Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School.

In an era of increased transparency, businesses need to pay close attention to the issues that influence critical opinion in order to demonstrate commitment to satisfying in demand talent — who wield more choice than ever before — that their values are aligned in a way that is not only effective and productive, but is sensitive to the communities in which they operate.

"In the volatile and fast-changing world we find ourselves in, businesses cannot afford to be purely altruistic for companies to be sustainable in the context of more complex social, political and environmental issues, they have a responsibility to be profitable," said Arkless. "Unleashing human potential, simultaneously driving personal and business success, translates to profitability that is therefore sustainable."

The chaos and complexity of the Human Age has created new demands for innovation, productivity and talent, and the world has been reawakened to the real power of humans, prompting companies to rethink the way they integrate societal considerations into their business models. As "Talentism" becomes the new "Capitalism," and the talent critical to organizational success proves more elusive, a humanistic approach to sourcing skilled individuals is required — tapping into under-leveraged talent pools such as women, youth, older workers and people with disabilities to create a sustainable talent pipeline.

"The key to success in the Human Age is companies' ability to solve problems and maintain growth by taking a human approach to innovation-driven economic development and social progress," added Arkless. "Being a responsible company is seen as a key driver of employee engagement, which is essential for employers to unleash potential and maintain a competitive advantage."

The nature of ManpowerGroup's work — bridging the gap between individuals and employers who need their skills — means that we make a significant positive impact in the communities which we serve by putting over 600,000 people from all walks of life to work each and every day training over 10 million people and interviewing 12 million people.

"The success ManpowerGroup achieves in our business allows us to help individuals, families, communities and economies by putting all kinds of people to work," added Arkless. "We unleash human potential which translates to the profitability that we provide in a sustainable way."

Last month, ManpowerGroup released its Corporate Social Responsibility Update, titled "Teaching a Man Not to Fish is Humanly Possible," a global review of the powerful ways the company is helping individuals and communities around the world succeed against the odds by bridging the gap between people and jobs in the most human of ways. The complete report is available for download at:


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