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ManpowerGroup Publishes "How to Navigate the Human Age" at 2012 World Economic Forum

ManpowerGroup Publishes "How to Navigate the Human Age" at 2012 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos

New Thought Leadership Clarifies Impact of Converging Macro-Economic Future Forces and World Crises

ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN), the world leader in innovative workforce solutions and World Economic Forum (WEF) strategic partner, is for the first time in its history sharing its annual analysis of the macro-economic forces evolving the world of work.  This research, titled "How to Navigate the Human Age," was published today at the 2012 WEF Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. It defines how to find the best talent and implement the right work models and people practices to win in a new era of incessant change.  

Exactly one year ago, ManpowerGroup announced at the 2011 WEF Annual Meeting that the world had entered the Human Age, a volatile and complex new era in which access to talent has replaced access to capital as the key competitive differentiator.  Soon after, a range of transformational events — including natural catastrophes, political upheaval, social unrest, economic and financial uncertainties — intensified. The new challenges and related marketplace risks are connected in their effect. 

"The pace at which forces and events are converging and affecting the world of work absolutely requires expert consulting," said Jeffrey A. Joerres, ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO. "ManpowerGroup has spent years tracking macro-economic forces which enable us to identify critical and current World of Work trends. The intelligence we have gained enables us to help our clients navigate and win."

The shifting balance in world economic power means emerging markets are performing strongly while more established economies are declining in marketshare and influence. The increasingly bifurcated world and reversed growth has intensified the world's great skills mismatch. ManpowerGroup's 2011 Talent Shortage Survey shows one-third of employers worldwide cannot fill business-critical positions even as unemployment rates remain high.

This trend is reinforced by an inversion of scarcity and abundance. Human talent, once thought to be an infinite resource is now in short supply, while once elusive information is now ubiquitous. Fast-paced technology development has spurred this prolific growth as the world has become interconnected like never before, fostering infinite creativity and innovation.   

Human Age leaders must be able to evolve flexible work models which integrate a dynamic mix of workers advance contemporary people practices that redefine how talent is hired, rewarded, engaged and developed and improve talent pipelines by tapping different sources of talent and re-skilling current employees. Re-skilling often requires ManpowerGroup's Teachable Fit model, used to identify and cross-train workers who have the capability and potential to be developed into other roles.

As forces continue to evolve, ManpowerGroup, the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, is best positioned to define their impact on business and provide the strategies needed to navigate them "How to Navigate the Human Age" is available for download at


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