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More money and longer holidays to beat UK workers 2012 blues

More money and longer holidays to beat UK workers’ 2012 blues

The promise of more holiday would be a greater motivator to work harder than the knowledge of job security in 2012, research* by hyphen, the recruitment solutions provider has found.

Thawing pay freezes and offering raises would encourage three quarters (75.4%) of employees to work harder in 2012. But, for two fifths (40.4%) greater holiday allowance is another deal maker for motivation, ranking higher than job security (32.5%) and larger pension contributions (28.3%). In line with findings from hyphen’s earlier research in summer 2011, greater holiday allowance was considered more important by younger workers aged 16-24, with nearly half (48.6%) prepared to work harder in 2012 for this reward.

Despite increasing living costs and announcements of more redundancies across the country, hyphen’s research of 1,000 office workers found that opportunities for a better work-life balance is an important factor for employee engagement and workplace motivation. Opportunity for flexible working is considered an important motivator for just over a quarter of all UK workers (27.4%) and was a greater motivator for women than men, with a third (33.3%) wanting the option to work from home, come into work later or leave earlier (compared to 20% of men).

Unlucky for some senior managers though, a tenth (11.3%) of UK workers believe a new boss would give them greatest motivation in 2012.

Zain Wadee, Managing Director of hyphen said: “Motivation at work in these austere times is a challenge for all employers. However, listening to the fears and changing demands of employees can help organisations understand the key drivers for employee engagement and strategically shape benefits packages that meet employee requirements.

“A greater demand for holidays and work-life balance benefits could indicate a growing shift in workplace culture where employees place greater value on non monetary rewards. Sensible employers will take heed of this changing dynamic and ensure they open up communication with employees to understand what is truly important to their working life.”


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