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New Key Attribute Scoring System Helps Hiring Managers Select the Best Candidates

New & lsquo;Key Attribute’ Scoring System Helps Hiring Managers Select the Best Candidates

With its latest ground-breaking new feature, Interview Coordinator, the online interview management and applicant tracking system (, has applied the mindset of Hiring Managers into a software process which evaluates and compares key candidate attributes. A new attribute scoring system provides a structure and printable report designed to help Hiring Managers save valuable time and pick the best person for the vacancy.

Stuart Hobbs, Managing Director comments: “To pick the best candidate, Hiring Managers have to make a series of judgements on a set of key attributes displayed by each applicant. Typical attributes will include qualifications, experience, character and personal presentation, but each vacancy is different. For some campaigns, the key attributes will be much more specific and some attributes will count more than others.”

“Interview Coordinator now provides an integrated structure whereby key attributes can be decided upon and given a weighting by multiple contributors. It also provides a scoring system where campaign contributors can record their judgements, so that multiple opinions on each candidate can be easily compared and contrasted.”

For each recruitment campaign, Interview Coordinator records a set of key attributes which are essential or desirable within an ideal candidate profile. Pre-prepared questions, designed to highlight strengths or weaknesses, can then be linked to each key attribute. Questions can be answered remotely by video or by a written online submission, or simply used as a base list in face to face interviews.

The answers to each question and each key attribute can then be assigned a score. The relative importance of each attribute is taken into account using a weighted average calculation which provides an overall candidate evaluation for ease of comparison. In addition, the report will identify which contributors gave the low/high marks for each candidate. If required, the Hiring Manager can then consult the contributor to further aid and refine candidate selection.

Interview Coordinator is a cloud-based system available through any browser, on a “pay as you use” basis, for &pound35 per job campaign. The product is currently available on a 60 day FREE trial.


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