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Online Job Recruitment Rises Six Per Cent Over the Past Year, According to Monster Employment Index

Online Job Recruitment Rises Six Per Cent Over the Past Year, According to Monster Employment Index

December 2011 Index Highlights:

The Monster Employment Index UK records an annual rise in online job demand of six per cent in December and reaches its highest level since June 2011

Engineering regains its position as the highest growth industry over the past year Construction and extraction and Environment, architecture and urbanism also perform strongly

Marketing, PR and media and Arts, entertainment, sports and leisure decline slightly but still show annual growth

Craft and related work is the highest performing occupation, topping the Index for annual growth

All nine UK regions recorded annual growth in online recruitment this month, with the South West leading the way with 22 per cent annual growth in December

The Monster Employment Index UK is a monthly gauge of online job demand based on a real-time review of millions of employer job opportunities culled from a large representative selection of career websites and online job listings across Europe. The Index does not reflect the trend of any one advertiser or source, but is an aggregate measure of the change in job listings across the industry.

“In light of the challenging broader economic conditions, employers unsurprisingly decided to ride out the year without having a major employment drive in December. However, the recruitment market is still active, with the Employment Index reaching its highest level since June and many sectors, including engineering and IT, showing a more positive picture than this time last year,” comments Michael Gentle, Monster UK & Ireland spokesperson. “The UK’s annual growth of six per cent also contributes to providing us with some optimism for the year ahead.



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Industry Year-over-year Trends: 15 of the 21 industry sectors monitored by the Index registered annual growth in December.

Engineering (up 28 percent) was this month’s star performer by measure of annual growth

Transport, post and logistics (up 21 percent) charted the most significant decrease in annual growth, falling significantly from the 39 percent in November

Environment, architecture, urbanism (up 21 percent) returned to being one of the top five growth industries in the Index

Marketing, PR and media (up one percent) and Arts, entertainment, sports, leisure (up one      percent) lost significant momentum but still grew year-over-year

Annual declines across large recruitment sectors such as Banking (down five percent), Public sector, defence, community (down 11 percent) and Education (down 13 percent) continued to impact the annual trends of the Index

Occupation Year-over-year Trends: Six of the nine occupational groups monitored by the Index exhibited positive annual growth in December.

Craft and related workers (up 29 percent) and Plant and machine operators and assemblers (up 23 percent) topped the Index table for highest performing occupations, but both registered a fall in annual growth

Service and sales (up one percent) noted improved growth from a one percent decline year-over-year in November

Elementary occupations (down 20 percent) charted the lowest performance year-over-year


Geographic year-over-year Trends: All nine UK regions recorded annual growth in online recruitment this month. 

South West (up 22 per cent) was the top annual growth region in December

London(up eight per cent) noted slower annual growth than in November, moving the Capital’s growth more in-line with the nationwide average

Year-over-year growth trends for Scotland (up five per cent) and Wales (up three per cent) were improved in December, but Wales remained the weakest-trending region in the Index.


International Trends:

The Monster Employment Index Europe demonstrates a year-over-year growth of 11 percent in December, the slowest rate of growth seen in the Index since mid- 2010. Germany continues to report the strongest growth trend of 32 percent, followed by six percent growth in UK and four percent in Sweden. Belgium, France, Italy and Netherlands weigh down the Index with negative annual growth. Engineering, up 28 percent, continues to register the largest rate of annual growth of all industries and leads for the fourth consecutive month despite a slightly eased pace from the 32 percent annual growth recorded in November. Telecommunications, Production and Environment, architecture and urbanism record positive growth in December. Public sector, down 14 percent, continues to remain among the slowest growth industries. Legal and Management and consulting also track annual rates of decline.

To obtain a full copy of the Monster Employment Index report for December 2011, and to access current individual data charts for each of the seven European markets tracked, please visit Data for the month of January 2012 will be released on February 14, 2012.


Monster Employment Index data for January will be released on February 14, 2012.


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