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Pasona Group has resolved to acquire an 85.51% equity interest in CAPLAN Corporation

Pasona Group has resolved to acquire an 85.51% equity interest in CAPLAN Corporation

Notice Concerning theAcquisition of CAPLAN Corporation Shares Inclusion in the Scope of Consolidation as a Subsidiary Company Pasona Group Inc. (hereafter “Pasona Group” or “the Company”) today announced that at a Board of Directors’ meeting held on January 6, 2012, the Company resolved to acquire an 85.51% equity interest in CAPLAN Corporation (hereafter “CAPLAN”), a Group compamy of ITOCHU Corporation (hereafter “ITOCHU”). Following completion of the acquisition, CAPLAN will be included in the Company’s scope of consolidation as a subsidiary. Brief details are as follows.

1. Rationale for the ShareAcquisition

CAPLAN provides comprehensive human resources services to a wide customer base. In addition to ITOCHU Corporation as well as the Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. group, clients include major corporations operating in the general trading, manufacturing, logistics and related sectors. Building on its in-house strengths in trading company-related activities, CAPLAN is also well versed in a number of specialist fields including for example aviation and travel operations. The company provides communication manner and business etiquette training that draws on its long-standing knowledge and experience in aviation businesses while also supporting career development activities.

Pasona Group continues to enhance the specialist nature and sophistication of its temporary staffing activities.

As a part of ongoing efforts, Pasona Group places considerable emphasis on the education and training of specialist staff including clerical or secretarial workers who are familiar with trading operations and English language documentation.

Against this backdrop, the acquisition of CAPLAN shares will not only enable the Company to broaden its customer base and bolster its temporary staffing capabilities in technical fields, but also to offer human resource solutions that utilize IT, enhance synergy effects with respect to education and training, diversify its training menu and improve the quality of its services. Through these and other means, the Company will strive for further growth.

While CAPLAN will be included in Pasona Group’s scope of consolidation as a consolidated subsidiary, the impact on consolidated financial results for the fiscal year endingMay 31,

2012 will be immaterial.


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