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planIT Services awarded FCSA membership

planIT Services awarded FCSA membership

- planIT Services meets rigorous independent standards set by KPMG to join FCSA

The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) will today announce that chartered accountants firm, planIT Services, has been accepted as a full member of the Association. The announcement follows the news in December 2011 that JSA Group was also accepted as a full member of the elite organisation. This gathering momentum is expected to continue throughout 2012 as more companies realise that the only barrier to FCSA entry is transparent compliance and choose to submit to the independently assessed entry process which sets the standard for the professional services industry.

In order to be accepted as an FCSA member, planIT Services were subjected to the FCSA Code of Conduct a rigorous review process established by the Association, following extensive liaison with HM Revenue and Customs.

The Code is designed to be the most robust and comprehensive in existence, conducted independently by KPMG - one of the & lsquo;big four’ accountancy practices.  It is designed to demonstrate to Government, as well as freelancers and contractors looking for a service provider, that a company is financially stable, provides high quality professional services and operates to the highest standards of transparency and accountability. Compliance with the Code is independently assessed and validated by KPMG, with documentation deposited with HM Revenue and Customs at the end of the accreditation process.

Adrian Learer FCA, Managing Director, planIT Services Limited said:

& lsquo;I’m delighted that planIT Services has passed this rigorous review process and is now an FCSA member. We have always taken pride in our exemplary compliance standards and today is the result of years of hard work and ongoing investment in robust systems and qualified personnel.

& lsquo;With the implementation of AWR and the ever increasing legislative red tape within our sector, contractors and recruitment agencies need to know who they can trust. However, it has not always been easy to distinguish between those services providers who will remove your risk and those who will actually put you at risk.

& lsquo;Many compliance badges that I’ve looked into have, in my opinion, lacked true independence and professional standards and therefore are devoid of credibility. With the FCSA this is clearly not the case. Being an FCSA member puts planIT in an elite group of service providers with the highest standards of compliance, professional advice and financial prudence. planIT is pinning it’s colours to the FCSA mast this is a badge that genuinely differentiates the best-practice market leaders from the rest.’

Stuart Davis, Chairman, FCSA said:

& lsquo;We are delighted that planIT Services has been able to meet the high standards required to gain membership of the FCSA and are delighted to welcome them to the Association, along with JSA Group. With these two new members and several more in the pipeline, FCSA is increasingly gathering pace towards our objective of ensuring our entire industry adheres to the strict standards of excellence set by the FCSA code.

& lsquo;At the FCSA, we take great pride in the quality of our membership, the independent nature of our Code, our representation of the flexible workforce with government, and the excellent professional services our members provide to tens of thousands of contractors across a range of sectors in the UK. FCSA membership is the badge of honour every freelancer and contractor should look for when choosing a professional services company to advise them. Only then can they be sure that they will receive a reliable, responsible and robust service.’


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