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Third of companies cannot find suitable candidate for a graduate position - FreshMinds Talent

Third of companies cannot find suitable candidate for a graduate position - FreshMinds Talent comments

Soraya Pugh, head of graduate at high end recruitment firm FreshMinds Talentcomments on new research out today from the Association of Graduate Recruiters which found that around a third of companies could not find a suitable candidate for a graduate position last year.

“Our clients are asking for candidates that are office and client ready as well as academically qualified for the job. In the current economic climate, candidates cannot overestimate soft skills such as teamwork, communications  or proactivity which are vital to make them stand out. It is a big step from university to a working environment and candidates need to be able to interact on a lot of different levels from senior partners to their graduate colleagues.

I would advise candidates to do their best to find themselves a business mentor in the business world. This could be a family friend or a member of a university alumni network. This can be invaluable in gathering insight and advice as to the reality of a professional environment. I would advise prospective candidates to look at as many internship and work experience opportunities that can give hands on experience, teach the soft skills that are in such high demand and demonstrate to a prospective employer that you are able to integrate quickly. These can be done during university, and have proved crucial for many candidates. University itself can also provide a great opportunity to learn transferable skills. For instance getting involved in societies or raising money for a university charity can be great to demonstrate teamwork, stakeholder management, initiative and stakeholder management.”


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