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Unorganised and inconsistent hiring processes are stinging large organisations

Unorganised and inconsistent hiring processes are stinging large organisations like Twitter, according to a leading recruitment expert.

Twitter’s high staffing turnover has recently been revealed following the high profile departures of a number of top executives and engineers over a short space of time.

The social media giant’s high turnover has been blamed on structural and cultural flaws with one former employee stating that early employees were given the opportunity to hire their own teams.

Recruitment expert and managing director of Lauder Beaumont Associates Rob Andrews, is warning that failure to implement systematic approaches to the hiring process and ineffective sourcing will bite organisations similar to Twitter very hard.

He said: “Disastrous hiring decisions and no systematic approach has a lasting effect on organisations that go on to lose executives less than a year into their employment companies can expect lost productivity, slump in sales, poor management and low morale.

“To prevent this from happening, organisations need a process that anyone responsible for hiring uses each and every time any position needs to be filled.

“Making an effective hiring decision and finding executives that will benefit the organisation long-term has nothing to do with luck, it’s about following the same proven steps each time you decide to hire someone.

“Executive hiring mistakes inevitably cost you time, effort and money that could be better spent elsewhere on the business.

“These mistakes can often run up costs of hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds, something that many large organisations can’t afford to repeat in the current financial crisis.”

Research by the Corporate leadership Council also shows that nearly half of new executive hires quit or are fired within the first 18 months at a new employer.

Lauder Beaumont are bucking the trend of executive hire failure by developing a unique hiring management system that increases successful hires and offers a 100% guarantee.

Rob added: “By using the LBA Hiring Management System&trade, our success rate over the last five years has been exceptional.

“We are so confident about the system that we are offering a 100% guarantee if our system is followed and the person we secure for the role leaves or is asked to leave within 12 months, we will do the whole search again for nothing.”


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