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How are employers dealing with workplace relationships in 2012?

How are employers dealing with workplace relationships in 2012?

Here are some preview findings of the 2012 XpertHR survey of workplace relationships:

*One-third ban relationships between bosses and staff

Among employers that place restrictions on workplace relationships:

*  One-third have banned relationships between managers and subordinates.

*  One in six prohibits relationships between employees and customers.

*  One in seven won’t allow relationships between employees on the same team.

*  One in four employers discourage affairs in the workplace without actually placing a ban on such relationships – just four organisations actively ban all affairs between employees, but a further one in four say their approach would depend on the circumstances.

Policies on workplace relationships:

*  More than two-thirds of UK employers do not have a workplace relationships policy.

*  Among those that do have a policy on workplace relationships, the most common approach is to incorporate it within a broader written policy on conduct or ethics.

Only one organisation in 10 has a standalone written policy on workplace relationships.

Other actions taken on workplace relationships:

*  Where employees are required to give notifi cation of workplace relationships, they are most commonly asked to inform line managers or HR.

*  When love affairs between co-workers become apparent, the most common response from employers is not to take any action.

*  But among employers that do take action when a love affair between co-workers becomes apparent, the most common responses are: informal discussion with HR or line managers supporting the relationship and/or monitoring the couple for problematic behaviour.

The 2012 XpertHR survey of workplace relationships is based on responses from HR professionals at 200 UK organisations. XpertHR will publish detailed analysis of the survey fi ndings in March 2012. The complete results data from this survey will be published at the same time.

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