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Internship opens door for marketing graduate

Internship opens door for marketing graduate

Case Study: Darshana Dave                         

In a week where unemployment is once again in the spotlight, and with the numbers of young unemployed declared to be at crisis point, it is comforting to know that there is hope for Britain’s youth. Thousands of young people are turning to work placements, internships, and apprenticeships in order to gain valuable experience needed to further their careers.

What follows is a personal account of one young person whose aspirations of a career compelled her to take an internship out of university, which resulted in full-time employment.

The end of an enlightening journey&hellip

My six month PR internship has come to an end, and although those six months have passed by as quick as lightning, I have learned so much. It’s been hard work getting this far, but I am taking away great memories and a thirst for success.

I secured an internship after graduation, because of my passion for marketing and advertising. As I walked into the Flame Public Relations office on my first day, I felt I would never become accustomed to the work, nor would I feel part of the vibrant team I am now leaving behind. However, I quickly became part of the team and developed a wide range of new skills, including the courage and confidence I carry today. All through the first day my mind was telling me to run, but I chose to stay and prove myself wrong.

The thought of interacting with the agency’s various clients and people I’d never spoken to before terrified me, but I leave my internship having defeated these fears. I was mistaken if I thought that an internship would be all errands and menial jobs (although these were a part of the job, I was given so much to do!) The opportunities I was given throughout the internship have exceeded my expectations, and proved that the stereotypical intern experience is not always the case.

A stand-out memory for me is an afternoon in the conference room with the team, all of whom were senior to me, who listened intently as I gave a presentation. This was a presentation which my director had asked me to conduct, and I was extremely nervous. I took the challenge upon myself and delivered the presentation to the best of my ability. It was nerve-wracking, I found myself feeling more confident than ever, because I was learning a new skill.

The ability to attend networking events was another great new learning experience for me, as I began to learn about the way people built professional relationships. My boss was an exceptional networker, and threw me into the deep end, leaving me to make contact on my own. Again this presented a & lsquo;fight or flight’ situation. I stayed, and learned how to network in a room full of business professionals intimidating at first, but ultimately a great experience. I left the event having spoken to numerous corporate bodies, and I felt I had learnt a great deal from just a few short conversations.

My internship was my first glimpse into the world of PR, and it taught me so much about how to keep up in the fast-paced world of the media, which I found difficult at first. This is coming from a girl who previously never read the newspaper! During my internship I was given the opportunity to do a wide variety of different things, and gain a wealth of experience. I was surprised at how much responsibility I was given-from attending networking events to setting up client meetings.

According to the Office of National Statistics unemployment has now risen to 2.69 million. I am happy to say that I am not one of these statistics. Following my internship, I was able to secure a full-time job, which I believe would have been much harder without the skills I learnt through my internship.

Darshana Dave, 22, graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 2011 with a degree in Marketing with Advertising. Following a six month internship with Flame Public Relations, she now holds a full-time position as a marketing assistant. 

“We have a limited bandwith for interns, but to applicants who are successful, we are totally committed to making the experience as rewarding and fulfilling as possible. Our aim is to make the placements highly enjoyable and educational. We give people the chance to grow, flourish and develop in a creative and affirmative environment. Our interns are provided with an opportunity to pick up valuable skills, which will ultimately make them more employable.”


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