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Online careers and recruitment provider Monster has signed a contract with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to provide a managed online vacancy taking, filling and automated job matching service. This is part of the DWP Digitisation Programme aimed at providing easy online access to appropriate Government Services and will ultimately enable jobseekers to find more suitable job vacancies more quickly.

The four-year agreement will transform the DWP vacancy posting and job matching service, replacing the current service with Monster’s 6Sense technology, which matches skills and experience with the opportunities available more accurately.

The new system, due to launch in autumn 2012, will also benefit employers by giving them free access to a easily searchable database of jobseekers, expanding the talent pool they can actively recruit from via the Business Link website.

Monster’s semantic search technology has proven to be a leading online recruitment tool. It will be available for jobseekers and employers throughout the UK via the internet. Monster’s 6Sense technology differs from traditional keyword search because it understands the meaning and context of search criteria. It also ranks results based on how closely they match the search requirements, reducing the need to wade through irrelevant vacancies or CVs.

According to Julian Acquari, Managing Director of Monster UK & Ireland, the launch of the service should mark a turning point for the UK’s unemployed allowing them to trawl more efficiently a vast database of vacancies and identify jobs that match their skills.

“Monster’s semantic search technology has proven to be a leading online recruitment tool, and we’re delighted that it will now be used by the DWP to help get the unemployed back to work sooner,” Acquari said.

“The agreement between Monster and the DWP will help transform the job searching process by reducing the length of time it takes to find suitable vacancies.”

“Employers will also benefit from the ability to access the system and search for candidates according to the skills they require. This will provide them with an easily accessible talent pool at a time when many sectors are still suffering from skills shortages.” 


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