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New technology will help drive customer centricity

New technology will help drive customer centricity

Working within the fast-paced IT sector, Venturi are seeking to enhance their reputation as a leading recruitment agency. Utilising the latest technology to maximise employee productivity by giving the teams more autonomy and control, with a view to providing a higher level of customer service.

To further these objectives, Venturi have recently invested in a clutch of new tools. The first of these is Silverline, an analytical tool that’s designed to allow recruiters to obtain a real-time perspective of how they are performing against their projected targets.

"Unlike a number of competitors in IT recruitment, our intentions for implementing web-based analytical tools such as Silverline, are to empower our people to take ownership and accountability

of their own business, within the wider Venturi business". Says Brad Lamb, managing Director.

"It enables us as Directors to ensure that our employees are measuring their performance on objectives that are in-line with our customer centric philosophy".   

Silverline is just the beginning however. As Venturi have also invested is the job-posting distribution site Broadbean, which will allow staff to post vacancies to various job websites and boards - including Venturi's own website - simultaneously. Not only does this mean that jobs will receive more views, but it enables staff to dedicate less time to admin, and more time to customer service.

Sales Director James Doyle highlights that, "When combined, Silverline and Broadbean will allow our employees to manage their time more effectively and realise their potential.  As a recruitment agency, we understand the importance of investing in people". By embracing the latest business technology, Venturi are confident they will see more productive staff, and will generate more business – resulting in happier employees, and happier clients.


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