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The Global Corporate Challenge&reg (GCC) has empowered more than half a million employees the world over to stride the path to improved health, wellbeing and peak work performance. This year, it is poised to assist a further 180,000 employees to do the same.

Signing up in record numbers for GCC 2012, both organisations and employees worldwide have embraced this year’s event like never before. On the back of a strong, nine year history of clinical, client and participant endorsement, the event – which starts May 24 - is already near capacity and set to sell-out completely in coming weeks.

The science-based GCC programme consistently delivers powerful results, proven time and again in clinical study and participant results. However, it is the programme’s strength in employee engagement that has driven its success and earned billing as the world’s leading and largest corporate health initiative.

GCC Founder and President Glenn Riseley explains: “We have spent the best part of the last decade carefully developing the world’s largest and most proven corporate health initiative. The reason the GCC is so potent is because our entire approach starts and finishes with people - more specifically, what goes on between their ears. It has been refined and enhanced each year so that it changes employee behaviour and completely reshapes company cultures.”

Programme design draws on a deep understanding of human behaviour gleaned not just from guiding neuroscientists, behavioural psychologists and physicians, but also the participants whose lives the GCC has changed, to deliver a programme which caters to the core needs of employees. Research and interviews conducted by GCC over the past decade have consistently exposed a sad truth: that many of the working population who are overweight or obese haven’t just momentarily lost their way. They’ve given up on themselves.

The GCC has been designed to reach out to these employees and provide them the means and encouragement to take responsibility for their own health. Effectively built around the World Health Organization’s 10,000 daily step recommendation (for a healthy active lifestyle), the GCC’s unique virtual world trek itinerary delivers employees a practical, effective and fun pathway to better health. Moreover, through delivering gratification and feedback in just the right dose and at just the right time to keep employees on track and motivated, the GCC instills self-belief and resilience – key elements for sustained success.

Furthermore, because the GCC resonates with employees’, it facilitates simple and effective programme uptake – without need for ineffective and often damaging “sweeteners” such as financial incentives, and bonuses.

“We’ve learned that bringing money into the conversation actually undermines the entire intention. From a cultural perspective, it reinforces the cynicism and suspicion that already exists in the minds of unhealthy staff – either that the programme being offered is boring and uninteresting, or that becoming active and healthy is painful and unpleasant. Probably both” warns Riseley.

“If you think of the things in life that are actually good and fun, People don’t need to be paid to do them. People do them because they are their own reward. The reward for being healthy is entirely self evident. Anyone who is healthy will loudly attest to that.”

“At GCC, we have changed over half a million lives and not a single one was changed by waving money in front of people.” Media Release 23rd February 2012

200 Carlisle Street, St. Kilda, Victoria, 3182 Australia P 61 3 9536 8181 ABN 31 151 857 975 Offices also in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Toronto, London, Christchurch, Dubai, Prague, Zurich

The epidemic of sedentary living and its associated health concerns is an enormous social problem that can only be overcome by helping individuals to take personal responsibility, and by providing them the very tool which will empower them to change the course of their lives. The GCC does this, and simultaneously allows organisations to demonstrate trust in their employees’ judgment and ability. This goodwill runs both ways:

“Your staff will quickly recognize that you have given them greatest reward you could ever give them – the path to a long, healthy, happy life” enthuses Riseley.

In this way, GCC has delivered happier, higher performing workforces to more than 2,500 of the world’s leading organisations, with much more to follow this year, in the GCC’s biggest event yet.

Of the soaring registration rates and imminent total event sell-out, Riseley quips: “Well, it’s a nice problem to have.”

“The spike in interest this year has been phenomenal - and unprecedented. Over time, we’ve gained a growing client base who return year on year and generally in increasing employee numbers. This year, the employee swell has been huge as more and more want to experience the fun and results that they’ve witnessed their colleagues enjoying last year. Similarly, we’ve also had many organisations register to participate for the first time, so it’s growth across both existing and new business that have combined to bring us our biggest and most exciting year yet”.

Intensely proud of the Challenge, Riseley declares GCC the best employee health programme in the world: “It is clinically proven and does precisely what it says on the bottle, in part because it is medicine that works and actually tastes good. Nobody else has been able to achieve this. We have 9 years of data, 2,500 organisations and half a million people that are living, breathing proof that GCC works”.

Over 180,000 employees and 1,350 organisations are expected to benefit from GCC participation this year. If you’d like to join them and discover just how much fun getting active can be, register NOW at Hurry, places will fill up fast.


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