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Youth employment REC response to Deputy PMs plans to incentivise employers

Youth employment – REC response to Deputy PM’s plans to incentivise employers


The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has today announced plans to incentivise employers and charities providing job opportunities to young people. Funding will be targeted at young people who are at the highest risk of long term unemployment.  

Kevin Green, Chief Executive of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, comments:

“Incentivising employers can help, but the concern is that the scheme will be shrouded in red-tape in a way that makes it difficult for small businesses to access the support they need. It is not so much about the what as the how.

“In addition, it is only part of the solution and must go hand in hand with a parallel drive to radically improve the careers guidance and a greater emphasis on the curriculum reflecting business needs. Many students receive just thirty minutes worth of career guidance to prepare them for over forty years worth of working life, often at a cost of less than &pound3 per student. It is no wonder that young people are not ready for the world of work and don’t know what businesses expect from them.

“Private businesses have a role to play here, and we’re doing our bit through the Youth Employment Charter and by getting recruiters into schools to help with job-seeking tips and career advice. However, the Government is taking work experience out of the curriculum which is a retrograde step and a time when we need to bring education and business closer together.

 “This is a crisis which needs swift and decisive action, but we are papering over the cracks at the moment. We need to focus on prevention as well as effective cures in order to avoid the spectre of a lost generation becoming reality.”


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