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Almost half of UK IT and Finance professionals have seriously considered moving abroad to work

Almost half of UK IT and Finance professionals have seriously considered moving abroad to work

IT and Finance professionals are open-minded and flexible about where they work as their industries globalise UK businesses need to do more to ensure they retain the strongest talent

Remote working is transforming the workplace, therefore a shift in attitude to effectively manage is required

A positive work-life balance is considered more than an optional extra, and is rated as the number one attribute IT and Finance professionals value in their job

Nearly half of professionals in IT and Finance roles have considered moving abroad as they respond to the realities of globalisation, according to a new piece of research commissioned by recently launched professional resourcing company Experis.

The survey of 700 IT and Finance professionals investigates attitudes to the major trends impacting the world of work. Across both sectors, the data shows that global rivals from emerging markets are challenging the IT and Finance industries in the UK. Further, 62% of IT respondents and 52% of Finance respondents said the UK faces strong competition from abroad, suggesting that UK businesses may need to do more to stay ahead of the competition.

The research reveals that technological developments are continuing to transform working practices, with around 6 in 10 IT and Finance respondents saying they expect remote working to become the norm rather than the exception as mobile technology becomes increasingly prevalent.  Remote working is not just about technology however.

“A shift in attitude is required from employers to manage people effectively, ensuring the right levels of trust are established.  Transparent performance measures and remote working practices should be clearly articulated to ensure consistent levels of quality output.” Experis Managing Director UK & Ireland, Geoff Smith said.

Despite the economic downturn, individuals still prioritise having a positive work/life balance. This ranked as the number one attribute IT and Finance professionals value in their job.  Positive teamwork and collaboration was rated as the second most important feature in a job.  Surprisingly, both were ranked ahead of having a competitive package.

“Although achieving a positive work/life balance may be more of an aspiration than a reality for some, it is evident that employers must take this desire seriously, this is considered more than an optional extra.  Organisations must also recognise that this balance can mean different things to different people, often influenced by the stage of their career and family commitments,” Smith added.

Looking forward to the next six months, there is increasing optimism in the IT sector, with 38% of IT professionals expecting job opportunities to increase rather than decrease.  Meanwhile, 52% of employees in the finance sector said they expect the number of job opportunities to stay the same.

“The world of work is evolving and we’ve developed and adapted our business to align with the changes we’re seeing.  Our continued research has highlighted that the old working practices are no longer acceptable, and workforce resourcing needs to adapt to reflect that talent has now become the key competitive differentiator. 

To better meet the needs of our clients and candidates, we have therefore transitioned the professional businesses of Elan, Manpower Professional and Jefferson Wells into a new single brand and operating model – Experis”, Smith concluded. 


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