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- Strictly Education selects Bond Teamspirit to provide integrated payroll system to over 40,000 teachers in 600 schools nationwide-

Strictly Education, the experts in providing the education sector with support services such as payroll, HR and finance, has signed an ongoing contract for a payroll and rostering service solution from Bond Teamspirit, the provider of modular, yet fully integrated, HR and Payroll Software. The software will be used by Strictly Education to process in excess of &pound90 million worth of payroll for over 40,000 teachers in 600 schools nationwide, in addition to its own 100 employees’ payroll.

Previously operating both its own employees’ payroll and that of its clients from two disparate, inflexible software systems, Strictly Education found it increasingly difficult to manage its payroll efficiently as the business grew. Strictly Education therefore required an integrated payroll system from which it could operate both internal and external payroll, as well as manage its consultants’ billable time, all from the same software.

Because of Strictly Education’s large customer base, reliability was of upmost importance when selecting its payroll technology. Moreover, the complexity and strict regulations of the Education sector’s specific payroll requirements, such as structured payroll and pension schemes, meant that the technology chosen would have to be fully compliant with sector standards and be HMRC-accredited.

Bond Teamspirit’s robust and established payroll software not only fulfilled all of Strictly Education’s regulatory and sector-specific requirements, but the single database structure of the software also meant that each of its functions were seamlessly integrated.

In addition, the rostering module from RealFlair which is fully integrated with Bond Teamspirit is linked to Strictly Education’s internal payroll system, allowing consultants’ time spent on-site to be booked, recorded, confirmed and attributed to a given client, and the appropriate invoicing and payroll calculations to be made automatically. 

John O’Neill, Managing Director, for Strictly Education comments, “We had very particular and complex requirements of our payroll infrastructure. Not only did we have the complexity of the education sector’s payroll processes to contend with, but we also needed a system that we could simultaneously use as the backbone of our external services and for our own internal payroll. Payroll is a particularly emotive business function and so we had to be certain that we chose a supplier on whom we could depend. With Bond Teamspirit’s single database design, exceptional functionality and ease of implementation, the service to our 600 schools has been immeasurably improved and the billing and payment of our own employees’ day-to-day activities on-site have been made far easier and more accurate.”

Roger Moore, General Manager, Bond Teamspirit, concludes “We pride ourselves on our flexibility of service and our ability to tailor our software solutions for companies of any size, whether it be a company with 100 employeesor a national company responsible for thousands of employees, such as Strictly Education. The ability to freely customise both our rostering solution and Bond Teamspirit’s Payroll software ensures that we provide our customers with an integrated package that is tailored to meet their business requirements and function in precisely the manner they need.”


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