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Demand for Olympic jobs soars as Britons look to cash in on the 2012 Games

Demand for Olympic jobs soars as Britons look to cash in on the 2012 Games

Demand for Olympic jobs has risen by 300% in recent weeks as Britons look to be part of the 2012 Games and boost their earnings along the way, according to job search engine The average salary for jobs at the 2012 Olympics games is &pound27,248, 13% higher than the national average salary of &pound24,180.

- Security Guards, Construction workers and IT professionals look set to cash in most during the Games with average salaries on Adzuna for Olympic roles some 30% over the national average for their professions.

- In contrast, 70,000 volunteers (known as & lsquo;Games Makers’) will work at the Olympics without pay for a month in crowd management, ticketing and event administration. Training has already started for Games Makers, who also have to cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

- At an eye watering base salary of &pound479,873 per annum, Paul Deighton, Chief Executive of the London Organising Committee, has probably the best paid Olympic job of all.  He is only one of many organising executives with Olympian salaries. Private Emergency Medics and Sports Solicitors also look set to & lsquo;take home the Gold’ this summer with current vacancies on Adzuna advertising rates of &pound100k

- Lower paid workers also look set to benefit from the Games, with the 2012 Olympic Committee guaranteeing all jobs advertised to be & lsquo;Living Wage’ jobs at a minimum of &pound8.30 per hour, compared with the National Minimum Wage of &pound6.08

- G4S Security, McDonalds and the London 2012 Organising Committee top the list of Olympics employers, recruiting over 10,000 staff.

- Those looking for weird and wonderful jobs at the Olympics this summer should consider applying to be & lsquo;Mass Movement Choreographers’ at the Opening and Closing ceremonies or & lsquo;Heads of Streetpride’ in town and cities around Britain.


Andrew Hunter, Co-Founder of Adzuna, commented, “It’s no surprise that so many people are looking to get involved in the 2012 Olympics. With over 100,000 people being paid to work on the Games this summer, new jobs are being created left, right and centre all across London and the UK - although clearly some are cashing in more than others.”

Top Olympic Salaries vs. National Average


Job Title

Olympics Salary

National Average

% Difference

IT Professionals








Media Officers




Security Guard




Bar Staff





 Best Paid Olympics Executives



Job Title

Base Salary

Paul Deighton

LOCOG Chief Executive

&pound479,873* - Gold medal

Sebastian Coe

LOCOG Chairman

&pound357,000* - Silver medal

Dennis Hone

ODA Chief Executive

&pound274,000** - Bronze medal

Neil Wood

LOCOG Chief Financial Officer


John Armitt

ODA Chairman


Alison Nimmo

Director of Design and Regeneration


Hugh Sumner

ODA Director of Transport


Simon Wright

ODA Director of Infrastructure


Ralph Luck

ODA Director of Property


David Goldstone

GOE Finance Director


Jonathan Stephens

DCMS Permanent Secretary


Liz Nicholl

UK Sport Chief Executive



* For 2010-11 financial year. Source LOCOG Annual Report & Accounts 2010-11

** For 2010-11 financial year. Source ODA Annual Report & Accounts 2010-11

*** Salary band for financial year 2009-10. Source: DCMS Resource Accounts 2009-10

**** Salary band for financial year 2010 -11. Source: UK Sport Annual Report & Accounts 2010-11.


Top Olympics Employers



Avg. Salary



Department of Transport


G4S Security







 Best Paid Current Olympic Job Openings


Job Title

Pay (Per Day)

Locum Consultant In Emergency Medicine


Commercial Sports Solicitor


Commercial Finance (Broadcast)


Contract Construction Site Manager


IT Network Engineer



Worst Paying Olympic Jobs


Job Title


Silver Service Waiters/Waitresses

&pound6.50 per hour

Venue Cleaners


Olympics Drivers

&pound8.30 per hour

Kitchen Porters

&pound8.50 per hour

Bar Staff

&pound7 per hour


Most Interesting Olympic Jobs


Job Title


Mass Movement Choreographer


Head of Streetpride & Greenspace

&pound53,231 - &pound58,837

Field of Play Group Leader (Wheelchair Fencing)


Olympic Accreditations & Uniforms Officer

&pound13.33 - &pound16.92 per hour

VIP Chaffeurs

&pound9 per hour


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