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Income: 1,158 million Euros

Growth: 44.6% vs. 2010 and 18% organic growth

EBITDA: approximately 32 million Euros.

Clients: 15,225

One of the leading recruitment companies in the world, Gi Group, has announced its financial results which show impressive growth throughout its regions. The Group ended 2011 with sales of 1,158 million Euros, up 44.6% compared with 795.6 million Euros in 2010.

Jess Watts, CEO at Gi Group UK, said, “The UK business became part of the Group in March 2011 when right4staff was acquired from private equity group Alchemy Partners LLP, and the subsequent results speak for themselves and mean that Gi Group is successfully growing despite the economic downturn and difficult trading conditions. I am pleased to say that the UK business played a full part in contributing to these impressive figures”

Gi Group has 63.3% (729 million Euros) of its business income in Italy and 16.9% from the UK . Germany, where the Group has been present since 2008, has 6.7% of the revenues.

“Within the next five years we want to be one of the top 10 operators in the world with a presence on 5 continents and in at least 30 countries,” explains Stefano Colli-Lanzi, Gi Group CEO, “aiming for global leadership in the services dedicated to developing the market and the culture of employment. We want to grow organically, but without neglecting acquisitions. This also means improving profitability in order to be able to support investments without placing a financial burden on the Group and identifying the best business model for each country.”

To reach these goals, the group businesses operate in an increasingly integrated manner based on an overall value proposal with strongly specialised and differentiated organisational models to provide services focused on the person and his or her career progress. By following the worker during the entire cycle of his or her professional life – from hiring, to job changes, to re-employment - Gi Group aims to support and increase the “employability” of the person to better face the challenges of an employment market that is changing not only in Italy, but around the world.

Gi Group has 500 offices throughout the world with more than 2,800 employees in 20 countries.


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