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Go Online to Find Better People...and Reduce Recruitment Costs

Go Online to Find Better People&hellipand Reduce Recruitment Costs

Some useful tips to recruiting in the Internet age

A new online company is harnessing the power of the internet to transform the way that businesses go about finding the skilled people they need.

Hampshire-based MaxAd is leveraging the communications benefits of cyberspace both to identify and reach suitable candidates for companies&hellip and in doing so is cutting the cost of recruitment by up to 90%.

“Finding exactly the right employee is a real challenge for any business, but with more people now going online to search for jobs, the potential talent pool is huge&hellipand this can create its own problems,” says Matthew Fernandez, Director of MaxAd. “So we use systems we have developed to navigate our way around cyberspace, to identify the best online jobs outlets and social media sites for clients and to search for those individuals who fit the desired skills profile.  In summary, we take away the pain associated with recruiting online.”

MaxAd then telephone screens all applicants, presents a shortlist of qualified candidates direct to client inboxes and offers support throughout to the point of a successful hire. And because everything happens online, the cost of the process is much lower than traditional recruitment agencies – typically around 60% and 90% lower.

Matthew believes more and more employers will be moving their recruitment process online and has the following tips for companies to consider:

90% of job seekers in the &pound12,000 - &pound120,000 salary range, regardless of function, now look online for their next position – so don’t delay&hellipNOW is the time to embrace the internet when recruiting.

Beware of wasting time and money on the wrong online media. Do your research. There are literally 100s of national, regional and local job boards, affiliate sites, and social media sites to choose from. Ideally advertise in a few places to maximise the chance of the right candidate finding your advert.

Ensure your advert is optimised for the web otherwise it will not be found (you want your advert to appear high up in listings).

Ensure you devote enough time to managing your online recruitment process (writing optimised adverts researching and negotiating best prices on job boards reviewing incoming CVs telephone screening applicants CV database searching)&hellipthis all takes resource to do.

Undertake a cost-benefit analysis as part of considering whether outsourcing online recruitment is a more effective option – leaving you fully focused on your day job!


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