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Just Recruitment Websites Announce New 'Hybrid' Recruitment Website Packages

Just Recruitment Websites Announce New 'Hybrid' Recruitment Website Packages

2012 sees the birth of a new type of bespoke recruitment website package which includes marketing campaign implementation as standard. This new approach may be set to change the way recruitment websites are packaged and sold with much greater emphasis on 'what happens after the launch'.

Tristan Neagle says:

"The biggest mistake I see recruitment website owners make is that they invest heavily in a new website but then fail to follow up with a positive approach to marketing the website in a variety of ways. This chokes return on the initial investment and means the value of the new website reduces over time instead of growing to become something more useful for the business."

"With that in mind, we've redesigned our bespoke packages to include certain critical marketing aspects from the outset."

Far from the old-fashioned formula of "New website followed by cumbersome 'SEO retainer' deal", Just Recruitment Websites' new fully-customised packages take a more results-driven, pound-for-pound accountable approach to marketing. Most packages even include a substantial "traffic fund". This budget is built into the cost of the package itself and is dedicated to sending relevant traffic to the website immediately after the launch.

For more information on Just Recruitment Websites' new Fully-Customised Recruitment Website Packages, visit this link:

Just Recruitment Websites also offer a free 6-part email series called "How To Attract More Candidates And Clients Through Your Website" which was developed by Tristan Neagle. This valuable series covers a number of vital topics including: the one thing your website must be able to do, the 2 types of functionality that actually matter and how to find the 'right kind' of traffic. To register for this free series, simply visit: or email with the subject 'Attract more please'.

Tristan Neagle is the Founder and Director of Just Recruitment Websites and has been helping recruitment agencies develop and improve their websites for more than half a decade.

Just Recruitment Websites is a company dedicated to transforming your website into the most hard-working, efficient and profitable member of the team by increasing candidate and client attraction. For more information about their Recruitment Website Designservices, visit: or email


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