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New alternative to traditional recruitment agency model backed by Bebo founder

New alternative to traditional recruitment agency model backed by Bebo founder

Cloud-based platform targeted at recruiters looking to establish their own business

A cloud-based platform providing everything required to set up a highly profitable recruitment business in a matter of minutes launches today. Sonovate, established by veteran recruiters Damon Chapple and Richard Prime, with financial backing from Bebo founder Paul Birch, is set to transform the industry for recruiters, clients and candidates.

Subscribers to Sonovate, known as Associate Businesses, will immediately have access to all the tools required to set up and operate their own recruitment company, from CRM and timesheeting software (provided by Bullhorn and ETZ) to contract finance (provided by Barclays). Once an Associate Business starts recruiting, all invoicing, contracts and debt collection are taken care of by Sonovate’s admin team, with placement fees paid straight into the Associate Business’s bank accounts on a weekly basis.

Richard Prime, co-founder of Sonovate comments: “Sonovate is the ideal business model for recruiters looking for enhanced job flexibility and satisfaction. Placing ambitious recruiters firmly in the driving seat of their careers, enables them to control the pace and direction of their Associate Business, and increase their earnings in the process.

“Between us, Damon and I have 30 years of experience working in recruitment and we are extremely passionate about the industry. During our careers we have seen the profession change dramatically. It’s lost the exciting edge it once had, and this is largely because consultants aren’t being rewarded as they once were. We are told that consultants don't bill as much as they used to, yet the recruitment fees charged to clients are rising.  Sonovate aims to reenergise, motivate and incentivise talented recruiters by helping them achieve the pay they deserve.”

Rewards are offered to subscribers who refer new Associate Businesses. These subscribers will receive five per cent of the revenue that each referred Associate Business generates, without impinging on the profits of others.

While it is not uncommon for recruiters to establish independent businesses once they have gained experience and grown their client lists, the administrative work associated with business ownership can be off-putting. Sonovate eliminates these concerns by providing Associate Businesses with:

A dedicated Associate Business micro-site with search engine optimisation

Ready-made branding, including business cards and headed paper

Bullhorn Enterprise, market leading recruitment software

Contract finance from Barclays, where the financial suitability of clients is checked before credit is extended.

Accounting support from Crunch

Favourable rates with job boards and advert distribution through Broadbean

Total back-office support

Sonovate provides subscribers with enhanced job independence and flexibility, holding no jurisdiction over the hours they work, the targets they set themselves or the sectors and geographies they trade in.

In return for a minimal percentage of the Associate Business’s margin and a small monthly fee, based on a three, six or twelve month subscription, Sonovate issues and chases all invoices, handles VAT, drafts contracts and provides access to daily legal, IT and general business support.

Damon Chapple continues: “We have sourced the best tools in the industry to ensure that our Associate Businesses have everything they need to start recruiting quickly. We take care of all the cumbersome paperwork and admin, making it easy to run a recruitment business.

“Another concern for recruiters running their own businesses, is the lack of social support. As such, we have partnered with Yammer, a market leading private social network through which Associates can network, participate in discussions, and access various offers and competitions. At the same time, Associates can grow their businesses in the same way as conventional agencies, employing staff and taking on partners.”

Prime concludes: “There is nothing stopping Associate Businesses. They can grow and expand much faster than traditional business models because of the extra time Associates have to focus on actual recruitment. With Sonovate handling all the fundamental administrative work, they can plough one hundred percent of their time into generating new clients, placing candidates and growing their profits.”

To find out more about Sonovate, visit the website www.sonovate.comor call 0207 112 4949.


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