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New training programme gives five steps for handling customer complaints effectively

New training programme gives five steps for handling customer complaints effectively

Video Arts has launched a new video-based training programme for customer service and sales staff, called Complaints: Five tactics for handling complaints effectively.

Presented by Richard Wilson, who famously starred as Victor Meldrew in the BBC sitcom One Foot in the Grave, the new programme highlights a five-step approach that staff can take to handle dissatisfied customers and resolve complaints professionally: listen sympathise with the customer ask the right questions agree a course of action and check it is carried out.

The 25-minute video shows frontline employees dealing with complaints badly in different scenarios, including face-to-face in a retail store, an airport customer service desk and a local authority as well as over the telephone. Following the coaching points given by Richard Wilson, the employees are able to manage and resolve the complaints they receive more effectively.

“Excellent service can be the difference between organisational success and failure,” said Martin Addison, CEO of Video Arts. “Complaints should be welcomed because they provide direct feedback and an opportunity to improve your service. However, if complaints are not handled effectively, dissatisfied customers can damage your reputation by telling others about their bad experience. This programme will help anyone who comes into contact with customers to identify where their complaint-handling skills need to improve. The five strategies presented will equip them to successfully handle any complaint. Bottom line improvements can be made if an organisation can transform those who complain into loyal and happy customers.”

Complaints: Five tactics for handling complaints effectively comes with a course leader’s guide and PowerPoint slides.

“The programme includes everything needed to run a training course on effective complaint handling, so large numbers of people can be trained to a consistent standard,” said Martin Addison. “The learning points are just as relevant for staff who need to satisfy the demands of internal customers.”

The new programme can be streamed under license as part of the Video Arts digital library, from &pound995 per year. It can also be rented on DVD from &pound295 per week. E-learning and m-learning versions of the programme will be launched in April 2012.


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