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ONS Graduates in the Labour Market

ONS Graduates in the Labour Market - "an education can cost more and it's tougher than ever for graduates to find a job" - comment from Oxford College

Sarah Spencer, Academic Director at distance learning specialists, Oxford College, comments:

"This data drives home the dilemma many graduates face when they enter the labour market.

"These days, an education can cost more and it's as tough as ever for those who graduate to find a job.

"But what the report also shows is that graduates still have a better chance of finding employment.

"That the economy is in reverse is not a reason to give up on higher education. The economy will pick up and a higher education will, over time, pay dividends.

"The important thing, in the current climate, is to get the best education you can for as little money as you can. That way, when you do graduate you are not over-burdened with debt.

"The beauty of online higher education courses such as BTEC HNDs is that students are able to enter the workplace as non-graduates and gain relevant work experience, while also studying from home to further their higher education.

"Thus, when they do graduate with a degree, they already have valuable work skills which should make finding higher paid work an easier task."


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