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Work experience debate REC response

Work experience debate – REC response

Providing a recruitment industry perspective on the current debate surrounding the Government’s work experience scheme, Tom Hadley, Director of Policy & Professional Services says:

“The feedback from recruitment professionals is that acquiring some level of practical experience is crucial – especially for those who have been out of work for a significant period and for young job-seekers looking for a first foot-hold in the jobs market. The need to build better bridges into the world of work – for example, through work trials and internships – was a key recommendation of the REC’s Youth Employment Taskforce.

“A parallel can be drawn with the crucial stepping role that agency work provides for job-seekers. The ability to take staff on tried and tested staff is also one of the many benefits the agency work provides for employers and we have seen the number of workers accessing  permanent roles as a direct result of temporary assignments rise to its highest level yet during the first part of this year.

“With regards to the Government’s current scheme, some tweaking may well be necessary to address the perceptions that have been created and to get large employers back on board. On general note, the key is to ensure that job-seekers can not only integrate the jobs market but then subsequently progress within it. Recruitment agencies will continue to play a leading role in making this happen.”


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